Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Drugged steeking.

A hobby for true maniacs.

Ha, no, seriously. There were some concerns in the comments from Sunday about me being heavily drugged and knitting a sweater with a steek in it. I've found over the years (and much drugged knitting) that it's not KNITTING the steeks while drugged that's tricky. It's cutting them. I have only CUT a steek once while heavily drugged.

That turned into my first lesson on how to patch knitting by grafting in a square of new knitting. Big hole, right smack in the middle of the chest. I was thrilled.

So I promise, when the time comes to cut the steek, I will be wide awake and stone cold sober.

Besides, I've only got two more days' worth of these drugs left, and there's no way the sweater will be done and ready to cut by then.

I find cutting steeks kind of fun. Does that make me a psycho?

1 comment:

Sheepish Annie said...

Not psycho at all. Lots of people like high risk activities: sky-diving, catching bullets with their teeth, blind dates...all of which make me less nervous than cutting steeks! (maybe I need more medication...)