Saturday, June 24, 2006

Over the edge.

How bad is it, when the whole world (at least the parts of it you know on a personal level) sends you knitting links? When they don't even knit themselves?

Or maybe it's just that I have good friends. It's a thought.


Anyway. My bud Kes, who does knit but is more a fiber-arts-in-general addict, sent me a link to this:

Followed closely by my friend Ryan (he crochets, but I love him anyway) sending me the same link with a comment something like "OhmygodKesjustsentmethisyouhavetoseeit."

I'm disturbed on two levels.

First, that anytime anyone sees freaky knitwear, their first thought is to send it to me. Though this amuses me at least as much as it disturbs me. (Last week, my bud the Geeky Goatsucker sent me a link to the knitted Ferrari. The closest he gets to fiber arts is his laundry basket, but he keeps me supplied with knitting articles anyway. A true friend.)

Secondly... that scarf. If I saw that on the subway, my first, immediate thought would be "Dang, that guy's watching porn on his P2P!"

Which I suppose brings up a whole third level of disturbingness, that I'm enough of a pervert that I'd immediately think a desire for privacy in public = pornography.

I am now going to go be disturbed my myself, in private.

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MagicChupacabra said...

I agree. Porn.

And I work in an industry that deals with alot of fiber optic cables.

We just deal with different fibers.

And you remined me that I needed to do laundry