Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Damn it.

Maybe I was a little too casual about knitting while drugged.

See the stitches on the left hand needle? The order is red, beige, red? It's supposed to be red, red, beige. I'm deciding if I care enough to rip back and fix it. Probably.

However, the underarm increasing looks very cool:

I'm seriously debating giving the sleeve a half turn and putting the increasing along the top, where everyone can see it. It'd really screw with the overall impact of the sweater, but I'm really tempted. I've got two more pattern increases (vertically) to make up my mind before I join it to the body. We'll see.

Otherwise, I started a lightweight scarf to have something to work on when my hand hurts too bad to wrangle the lopi sweater.

That's the Doucer et Soie. It and the sweater are both being knit on the same size needles (tens). It always amazes me, how different knitting can be, with a shift in a single factor, like yarn or stitch pattern.

Now I'm afraid to knit anything while drugged, for fear I'll screw it up. Maybe a sock?

In non-knitting events, the cat has taken to openly taunting the baby, but the baby still refuses to crawl; she knows if she waits long enough someone will pick her up. The little cuss is really stubborn. (The husbeast and I have no idea where that trait came from.)

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