Sunday, June 18, 2006

Florida. The sunshine state. It's raining.

We arrived safely Friday night after a not-too-bad-for-Friday drive down. Friday night I was bitten by a mystery bug (twice!), and am having some weird allergic reaction. I think I'm getting a Lyme's Disease test when I get home (I know there's a wait before I get the test, don't worry, I'll talk to the doc). Fun, fun.

I worked on the tomten jacket on the drive down, yesterday, and all day today. I was almost ready to bind off the first sleeve when I realized I was supposed to be doing decreases every fourth RIDGE (of garter stitch) instead of every fourth ROW, which I was doing. So the sleeve is half as long as it should be, and needs to be ripped out and done over. Again. (This was try number two.) I think in a way it's bad, when you get practiced at knitting, because you get casual about directions and start making dumbass mistakes like this. (Or maybe I'm just a dumbass and my skill levels have nothing to do with it.)

I chucked the tomten jacket back in the knitting bag and am starting another swirl afghan jacket square. I know how to do that. (Famous last words.) There's also some sock yarn here, in case that wigs me out, too.

The baby's hair has curled up in the humidity here, and she now looks like a Kewpie doll: One big curl right on the top of her head. I assume she can feel it waving around because she keeps reaching up and playing with it. The cuteness levels are reaching near toxic extremes.

Photos will be posted when we're near our computers and can download them. (I'm on my father-in-law's computer right now.) We've already filled up one memory card and are working on another. Beware, most photos contain the baby. New parents. We're all goofy.

I'm still brooding over the idea of knitting the Blue Shimmer (the light blue yoked sweater on size zero needles) and am probably going to do it. I've always wanted to knit one, and can't come up with a good enough reason not to. Insanity, here I come.

My mother-in-law has already come up with one algebraic knitting formula for me (a -4x = b), but I'll explain that when I get home and can really dig in and concentrate on a Math Geek post.
So that's where things stand. I'm itchy and knitting in the rain. We won't talk about what MY hair looks like... one word for you: Medusa.

Happy Father's Day!

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