Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I am not posting photos of my stash today, sorry. I peered in the closet it's in, considered pulling it all out, and chickened out. (Plus, I'm not so sure it'd be good for the husbeast to see EXACTLY how much yarn is in there. He sort of knows, he's watched it come through the house, but he hasn't seen it all piled up in a heap, you know?)

However. Today I got a box in the mail. See it there? I threw a ruler in for scale, so you can be impressed along with me. That box (it's about four inches deep,) contains THIRTEEN balls of yarn, including five of cotton, which doesn't compress much at all. The packing slip says it was packed by Rachel M at Halcyon Yarn. You go, girl.

Soooo. I got four colors of Knit One, Crochet Too's "Doucer et Soie", which I imagine (from the fiber content) is similar to Rowan's "Kid Silk Haze", only it gets here faster and I have a color card for it. These are Christmas presents. I'm going to do some loose lacy scarf something with it (feather and fan?), hopefully one ball will do it. From what I've seen of shawls and THEIR yardage requirements, I think I'm good. (225ish yards per ball.)

Sock yarn. EEEEeeeee!

I spent a half hour at the Pass And ID Office yesterday (on base - a surprisingly painless experience except for seeing the extensive background information they have on me), staring blankly at a wall, thinking "Yup. Time to take up sock knitting." I have to agree with the Harlot on it's portability and simpleness for take-along knitting. Maybe I'll squeeze in some scarves, to get the Christmas stuff done, but it's all about socks now. (I wish.)

Five more hunks of Cotton Fleece. The pink and cream are for the Tomten jacket, the others are for the afghan jacket project. (More dark green for the background.) That hunk in the bottom center is supposed to be purple. "Emperor's Robe" (the name of the color) sounds like PURPLE, doesn't it? What kinda wuss emperor wears indigo blue like everybody else?? He's supposed to be wearing murex purple, damn it.

THIS is getting swatched with, because it's probably getting knit into a Christmas sweater. We're looking at 8 stitches to the inch or finer. (I'm pretty sure I'm losing my mind. The pattern I've chosen HAS to be knit at a small gauge, and this is one of the few lines of yarn with the proper colors.) The only good thing is, that tiny little spool cost $11 US and has 600 yards in it. Pure merino. Woo. Let's hope like hell it blooms when washed, or it'll knit at ten or twelve stitches to the inch. (And I REFUSE to knit an entire sweater at that gauge unless it's for ME.) Ten stitches per inch would mean SIX HUNDRED STITCHES IN A SINGLE ROUND on the body, and no, that's just not happening. Eight stitches per inch would be 480, and that's quite bad enough. (For the record, the most stitches I've had on a needle at once was 1200, but it was lace and I was on drugs - lots of them.)

Incidentally, if I do go through with the coned yarn sweater thingie, it's at the back of my mind to enter it in the State Fair. Probably never happen, but the idea lurks.

This concludes today's yarnfest. Now if you excuse me, I have to go knit like the wind. Or at least a stiff breeze.

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