Sunday, September 30, 2007

Move along; nothing to see here.

On the knitting front, I have done something... well. I alternate between being thrilled and telling myselve I've completely lost my mind. I'll post photos tomorrow, when I'm more on top of things, and I've, ahem, finished the gauge swatch.

The husbeast is starting to give me That Look, the one I got last year right before the state fair, where he sighs and shakes his head and kind of snickers.

-... -

I saw the doctor on Friday and my thyroid is allegedly normal. I'm thinking normal is another word for 'not bad enough to take medication'. So for now I'll continue with the kelp. The weight loss hasn't continued, but I've been out of the gym for a week due to my knees.

We're tinkering with my chronic pain medication again (urgh), but this time we're going back to drugs I've taken in the past instead of trying new ones. So I should have a handle on it. But at the moment I'm getting used to them, which means hiccups, weird tastes in my mouth, sleeping 18 hours a day, sarcasam (not that you can tell from other times) and general growlyness. Plus, they put me on a medication for my knees that I'll take for just another week or so... I'm told to watch out for bleeding gums, and I think I'm allergic to it.

Fun times.

Since I'm in a vegetative state today, how about some photos? I'll do a montage.


Roz said...

I love how cats just want to be wherever you are -- or in this case, wherever the Goober is!

Michelle said...

Jeez, I hope you're feeling back to normal ASAP!

Anonymous said...

"Think you're allergic to it"!?!
Geez, Julie, quit taking the medication now! A couple of weeks ago I thought i might maybe be allergic to sulfa drugs - for the first hour - and then someone called the paramedics. I spent the weekend in intensive care. You can die from drug allergies and quickly!

Roxie said...

Kitty and baby. Can .. Not .. Resist ... awwhhhh! So sweet!

Julie said...

No, no... we're talking stuffy nose and clogged ears allergic reaction, not rash or vertigo reaction. I've wound up in the ER myself, from drug reactions. I take them seriously. But all narcotics give me a stuffy nose and itchy skin - it's fairly common.

And it's all moot anyway, because I've realized the symptoms are because I caught the Goober's cold. That little booger.

Alwen said...

More bloggers with colds, boooo!

Mine is almost gone, yaaaaaay!

Amy Lane said...

"Sekhmet, my old nemesis...we meet again!"

"Tiny Gaijin seem to be still, but we both know that is a lie!"

"Prepare for battle, furry one, you know that my thirst for vengeance and chaos will never be slaked."

"I am in no mood for battle--I will instead give you the famous feline insult: Talk to the fuzzy eye, Gaijin demon! Hah! Leave me to my nap!"

(In case anybody needed subtitles to that last pic...)

Donna Lee said...

Medication sucks the big one. I have three blood pressure meds and a thyroid med (my thyroid numbers were so high they were pretty sure it has stopped working altogether). If I don't take them, I feel like shit and sometimes the meds make me feel like shit. I was allergic to some antibiotic eye drops and had such a severe reaction I was swollen and teary for weeks. People were always asking if I was crying. It's a good thing you are a smart woman. You know when things are out of hand.

Pearls Mother said...

the goober and the kitty are so cute together,
it's crappy when you know how the medication will affect you, but, still have to take it,
hope things get better soon.

Caroline said...

I love the cat and baby combo, and it's even better with Amy's subtitles.

Now...time to cast on for the strikke along! Yay! :D

Jejune said...

Really hope you can find a good balance of meds - it can take ages and ages to get something that works (for a while anyway). (((hugs)))