Saturday, September 22, 2007

Color theory for children.

The Goober's favorite kid's show is Blue's Clues. (Which works for me because it's been on the air forever and I'm not stuck watching reruns every day.) In all the endless stream of episodes, there's an entire half hour devoted to color theory. You've gotta love a kid's show that does color theory. Anyway, there's a song on how to mix colors - they go as far as tertiary colors, which boggles my mind. And there's a really slick color wheel at the end of the song. Very clever. Click here, then click on the icon that looks like this:

NOTE: The song is done on streaming video, so I wouldn't bother clicking if you're on dialup. And usually, they change the songs every week or two on the Noggin web site, so if you're reading this in archive form, the song probably isn't there any more. Sorry.


Anne said...

That was cool--but now I know my kids are old, because who the heck is that guy and what ever happened to Steve???

Em said...

Hi, Julie!

Not to sound like a suck-up, but I found your blog through my mom (Donna Lee), and have immensely enjoyed reading it. Your sense of humor is wonderful!

Nina said...

That is very very kewl! I wish there was a way to save that.

anne: that's Joe, and he replaced Steve, what--a few years ago? ;)

Rachel H said...

Oh God. That song. You've put that song in my head again. We had the DVD when the boychild was younger. Do you have ANY idea how many times I had to listen to that song? Endless reruns on smack, I tell ya. *shudder*

Still, the first couple of times I thought it was cool too.

Amy Lane said...

I like Blue's Clues! (But not as much as Kim Possible or Avatar...)

Janelle said...

That was always my favorite Blue's Clues, because of that song. I actually don't mind having it in my head again!

(Oh, and by the way, I just friended you on Ravelry)