Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I am a bloody idiot.

Did I, or did I not, just finish up trying to knit a long, circular edge for a sweater? (The Pinwheel Jacket. You remember.) Yes, yes I did. And I decided it was stupid, and went with a crochet edge.

So what am I knitting now?

(Image and pattern from Andean Inspired Knits, by Helen Hamann.) That's right. The sweater is in two pieces: a body that's knit wrist-to-wrist, and an edge. A gigantic collar/edge that goes all the way around. According to the pattern, it's 465 rows for the size I'm knitting.

So far I've got this:

You can see where I've just started the body. Halfway down the sleeve is the line between where I washed the cuff to check the gauge, and where I kept knitting. Isn't that delightful? I'm telling myself it'll block out.

And I've got this.

Maybe fifty rows of the needed four hundred and sixty-five. It's 43 stitches of stockinette, with the center stitch slipped on the wrong side to make a fold line. Essentially, it is the Scarf From Hell.

Remember, the goal was to finish this by the end of September (thereby freeing me up to do the Strikke-along. However, if I HAVE to keep working on this, it's covered - the yarn is from Canada - Elann - and Canada was settled by Vikings.) I seem determined to drive myself insane this September, even without the State Fair deadline to obsess about. I'm gonna quit fighting it and just let it all hit the fan. At the least, it'll make some good blog fodder.


RobynR said...

Hmmmm, I just might be convinced to join the strikke-along yet . . . as a Canadian (whose home country was settled by vikings), the sister in law of a guy who works for NorskHydro, and the owner of an Ikea table on which most of my stash lives in a large bamboo Ikea bowl that looks kind of like a coracle.
That's not stretching things too much is it?

Julie said...

With this knit-along??? You aren't stretching things a bit. That sounds downright qualified.

Bells said...

It feels like there's a long road ahead on this one - I do like the fold line though. It looks nice. Can you take a photo up really close on that - I want to see clearly what it looks like - if you feel like it.

I was obsessed with Norway when I was 13 because of A-ha. So I've added that to my own list of qualifications. And I had a Norwegian friend at school. I also have a Norwegian friend now.

I am so qualified.

Teresa said...

Is the edge going to have a colorwork pattern like the one on the model?
On an entirely different note, I love it that you curse the way I do. (Come to think of it you might actually be part of the REASON I curse the way I do!) I said "Bloody fuck" today when I dropped some equipment in laboratory and everyone with in earshot stared.
I fit right in here!
Oh (dang this is long winded)--I'm going to knit mittens in Swedish colors, blue and yellow. Since Viggo is a little old for me, the colors will be my Scandinavian connection.

Amy Lane said...

Don't you just totally hate it when the stuff you love the most is the stuff you hate to knit the most at the same time? Me? The stuff I really love to look at is usually straight stockinette...I like to knit lace and cables and colorwork... but what I like to WEAR? Straight stockinette.

dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb...