Friday, September 28, 2007

HAH! I am vindicated yet again!

Rather, the ancient Hawaiians are. (I just believed them.)

Among other claims of the Hawaiians, along with reaching South America and like that, they have said that for many years they traded back and forth with the other islands of the Pacific and weren't ever isolated, as outsiders think. It wasn't a one-way trip to Hawaii, it became a colony of a large sea-going civilization spanning most of the Pacific. Populations moved around, and they traded, and took plants and animals to different places.

Yeah, right, said anthropologists studying them, in regards to trade and regular travel between Hawaii and the rest of Polynesia.

This week, Australian researchers found trade goods (adzes - tools - made of a very specific kind of stone found only in Hawaii), 2500 miles away from where it was created. Back across the Pacific, just like the Hawaiians said.

Article here.



Bells said...

Go Aussie researchers go!

Alacaeriel said...

Yay for the Aussie researchers!

Alwen said...

They probably had that spooky sense of direction like my husband's. "Well, I was here once 15 years ago, of course I know where I'm going."

Anonymous said...

All Men have that sense of direction don'cha know? It's why we never have to ask for directions.