Sunday, September 16, 2007


There is a lively discussion going on about copytright and plagarism in the comments of my "What do you call this?" post. I'm going to do another post, one of these days, about copyright and making money and what you can reasonably prosecute over, but for now, let me say, I think outright copying - of anything - should be a shooting offense. Forget the court system. And I don't care what copyright law says about it, either.

-... -

Friday night, when we got more clothes for the Goober, we went to the outlet mall to do it. (I can't possibly imagine paying full price for kid's clothing.) While we were there, I hit the book outlet. I got this:

That's a one foot/thirty centimeter ruler laid over the cover, to give a clue to size. It weighs ten pounds (five kilos? Twenty kilos? A lot). Here in the US, we call this breed of publishing "Coffee Table Books" - huge, heavy, and full of lots of full-color, two-page photos. Anyone have a different name for it, anywhere else? (Other than 'ridiculous'?) Anyway, I got a really good deal on it, and it's got great photos of a lot of famous archeological sites. Now if I can just find a place to put it. Maybe if a hurricane hits, we can use it to board up a window or patch the roof.

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This one's for Sheepish Annie, who has bought a few pairs of Crocs in the past month or so. The Husbeast took the Goober out a few weeks ago to do some shopping, and while they were out, the Goober spotted a pair of baby-sized Crocs and desperately wanted them. So the Husbeast bought them.

When I got home a couple hours later, the Goober ran to me yelling "WOOK! Mumum! SHOES!" and was delighted to show me that she had a pair of shoes JUST LIKE MINE. (Except the holes in the tops of hers are in the shape of Mickey Mouse. I want some Disney Crocs, darn it.) She's been wearing them in the house as much as possible, and will cry when we take them off at bed time. Then, last week, the Husbeast came home from work and the Goober looked at HIS feet, and said "Oooooh. Boots."

We think we know where to find baby-sized combat boots.


Sheepish Annie said...

I spent more time than I care to admit gazing longingly at the kid's Crocs and wondering just how much I was willing to scrunch up my toes in order that I might have a Mickey Mouse pair. Oh, how I envy The Goober!!!!

But, I think that a pair of combat boots would be just about the coolest thing in Goober-wear ever!!!

Amy Lane said...

*sniff* that's too damned cute about the crocs... (I saw some crocs w/little foam rubber characters stuck in the top... I want some of those for Ladybug...)

Amy Lane said...

Eeeek! I remember... SYNERGY... isn't that the official word for an idea that morphs, becomes more, changes form, gains power as it goes from person to person? Isn't that really where SYNERGY comes from? Or is it gestalt, where a group of people together produce an idea greater than the whole...

Either way, if I were feeling the least bit coherent and not burnt out at all, I think these two words apply to what we were talking about before...

(Okay...and since I'm back to 'what do you call this?'...what do you call it when you wrote a short story in your embarrassing teen years that they made a Disney Movie about fifteen years later? Just asking. I mean, the Disney Movie credited their source, but, dammit, when I re-wrote the story into something un-humiliating, it looked like I totally copped Disney's idea when I had it first! Sorry... off topic...going back to my hole now...)

Alwen said...

Well, pardner, that's the cutest little footie picture I've seen on the web in a lawwwwng time. [don't ask me where the John Wayne voice came from -- it's been a lawwwwng weekend]

Louiz said...

cute crocs - and yep, coffe table books!

Donna Lee said...

I love the "backstory" of where an idea or inspiration comes from. It makes me look with more awe at the designer that they took some design and turned it into something new. And I like to look at both the old and the new to see if I can follow the path of the inspiration. It can be very educational and interesting.

BTW, my brother found adult crocs with the mickey mouse heads at Disney World. Maybe the disney web store would sell them.