Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quick weather update.

Tropical storm Gabrielle lost strength during the night and is not a hurricane. (If it WAS a hurricane, it only was for about five minutes.) It is not ashore yet, but it's near Wilmington, NC, the next state north.

There is a high pressure area in the Atlantic that was pushing the storm south toward us, but everyone expected it to go north again when it hit the Gulf Stream (a major current that runs right along the coast). And it did.

So we worried for nothing. The sun's shining and I don't think we'll even get any rain.

Maybe next time.


Catie said...

I'm glad you were only worried over nothing and not over something.

Terby said...

Dude, you almost sound disappointed.

Julie said...

Actually, I was kind of disappointed. So long as it stayed a cat one or lower, it would have been a great storm. I love storms.