Friday, September 07, 2007

Well, hell.

Yesterday wasn't Einstein's birthday. (Last time I listen to someone when they say "Hey, it's Einstein's birthday today." I should have known better.) We're back to blaming my DNA for the Goober's hair. The Einstein thing would have worked a lot better when she's fourteen and screaming that she's having a bad hair day while she's a half hour late for school.

Anyway, thanks to all for the good wishes.

-... -

In other news, we might get hit by a hurricane.

With luck, it will only be a category one (mild, for a hurricane) and come ashore north of us. But I'm not counting on the weather to act predictably. We've already arranged for evacuation to Florida, if need be, but I don't see it happening.

I'll probably ride it out while the Goober sleeps and I try to knit with Sekhmet wrapped around my neck. (She's a Hawaiian kitty. She's used to fair skies and trade winds. Loud weather events make her insane. We had a lightning strike a few weeks ago that I think she's still freaked out about.) The husbeast will probably be at work. Thanks to the Navy, I've spent every hurricane or tropical storm alone.

-... -

More is goofy on the health front, and I have another appointment with my doc. One of the things that's going to get discussed is that I never heard back from my last visit, when I had tests done. But we will have a chat about why I'm working out five days a week, eating 1200 calories a day, and losing one pound a month. If he tries to blow me off again, and tells me to wait and see if it corrects itself, I shall bite his eyes out.

Nothing but good times ahead.

Oh, and if you've ever felt bad about the state of your office or studio, click here. Suddenly I feel like the most organized woman on earth. Even with a two year old.


Bells said...

i'll keep an eye out on the news for updates on the hurricane.

does anyone need to be blamed for such beautiful hair????

Donna said...

aah, yes, the fights I have with the 14 year old about her hair when she's just missed the bus. Delightful.
Good luck with the hurricane.

Alwen said...

Hope that hurricane misses and fizzles out.

Pound a month is a sustainable loss, but not getting feedback on tests, that's whack.

Fitness is incremental, meaning there's no way to cram thirty months of workouts into an all-nighter the way I could back in college. At least that's what I tell myself as I struggle through six crunches.

I refuse to post pictures of my nest, but I do find that taking the pictures and looking at them helps me establish zones of control.

Lynn said...

Batten down the hatches!

As for ArgInk. I was totally freaking out when I saw that the other day. It's fantastic, horrendous, frightening and just plain awe inspiring. I'm so NOT a clutter bug. I'd break into hives if I came within 100 yards of that.

Donna Lee said...

I do not feel bad at all about my "junk drawers". These include all the drawers in the house that do not have clothes or silverware in them. Although I do have to admit, I have two young adult daughters who can do that to a room in less than an hour.
And I grew up with that hair only in brown. It was painful to get brushed. I had scarlet fever and the fever got so high, I lost the curl in my hair. Now all I have are waves and then only when it is long (which it never is anymore).

Roxie said...

I read that by 2190 there will be no more redheads because the gene is recessive and is being bred out of the human race. Goober is a rare and precious little jewel!

Caroline said...

That the gene is recessive does not mean it will bred out. It does mean however, that it might become so rare that there are no redheads. No redheads is not the same thing as no redhead genes however (and THIS happens because the gene is recessive).

Anne said...

Also, check out

we sent a postcard of this scene to our older daughter when we were in Dublin in June. Two out of the three of us were amused.

Nina said...

Hmm... dunno about that idea of red hair disappearing. Maybe in 500 years. You see red hair everywhere in Oklahoma. It's like a dominant gene here. Or maybe it's because of the red dirt. Gets in the water or something. Heh.

Sheepish Annie said...

How many calories are there in the eyeballs of an uncaring doctor? I shudder to think, but it might be worth it to indulge.

Good luck with the hurricane watch! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for light winds.

Amy Lane said...

Yes...I think more doctores need to get their eyes bitten out for taking things lightly that really piss us off... (Four times I've been in labor... four times I've said, "Don't put me on my back..." I had to tell the last weiner to break my water, dammit...) Anyway, may the hurricane go easy on you and Sekhmet talk herself out of the 'freak-me-up' tree...