Saturday, September 15, 2007

Deadlines 'n stuff.

I'm about fourteen rows away from being halfway done with the green jacket thingie I wanted to knit in the month of September. Since I intend to do nothing but knit most of the day, I may yet hit the halfway point. So I'm calling that close enough; there's a good chance of finishing it, if not this month, then at least by the middle of October. (Then freeing me up to finish the Princess Line Gansey, which is my Strikke-along project.)

My Knitty article is kind of done. Robert Frost once said that a poem isn't finished so much as given up on; I think that goes for prose writing, too. The deadline at Knitty has been moved back to the 17th, though, because the submissions mailbox is full. Yes, FULL. That's not as bad as it first sounds, though, because all those submissions would have attatched photos and charts and other large files taking up space. But I hope all those submissions are patterns, and not articles. Good thing I decided to put off submitting the Mystery Knit until next fall. (Remember the Mystery Knit? I do. It lurks right next to my knitting knest in the living room.)

So, anyway, I'm breathing a little easier. For once.

I'm also getting ready to re-start my Etsy shop; I'll re-list all my unsold yarns in the next couple days (except for Death Warmed Over, which I have accepted will never sell and am giving away), and now that the weather has started to cool, I'll fire up the dye pot and get to work on more yarn. I'm also hoping to try dip-dyeing a knit garment, one of these days soon. If that's successful, I may start taking in custom dye jobs; you knit it in bare wool and send it to me and I dip-dye it for you.

Take a look at this:

Somehow the Goober became a little kid when I wasn't looking. That's not even toddlerhood any more. That's a LITTLE KID. We took her out to get more clothes last night (I am so tired of buying kid clothes; only eleven years to go, if she grows like I did). Those are three T clothes, which means she's a year ahead of average on growth. She's so unusually tall and thin, I finally started thinking and got her capri pants; this way they won't get too short. Plus they're cute. You probably can't tell from the photo, but they've got flowers embroidered on them.

I also got another book, but it's pretty ridiculous and I'll have to post about it tomorrow, after I weigh it. I'm pretty sure it weighs more than the cat.


amy said...

Yes, I was hoping you'd see about the deadline extension! I saw, and thought, oh crap, getting something accepted is going to be tough if the inbox is FULL. I thought gmail NEVER filled up; that's the point of it.

I just spent $70 on shoes for my boys and I'm not done yet. The younger one still needs some sort of work boot, and the older one needs sneakers and later on will need snow boots, and while the younger one gets all the hand-me-down clothes, the older one REALLY needs long pants before it gets too cool for shorts. I don't skimp on the shoes, for fear of ruining their feet, and I am just appalled. I don't spend that much money on shoes for me. EVER. Sigh.

Word verification is POKES by the way.

Sheepish Annie said...

Yay for breathing easier! That must be a nice change of pace. And a book that weighs more than the cat? That's not a book...that's an actual "tome!"

Cute little Goober you got there!

Anonymous said...

as soon as the goober is toilet-trained (if not before), check out kids' pants with waistlines that adjust on the inside with elastic that has built-in buttonholes to slip over a button on each side.

my grand, now coming up fast on age 6, likes them so well that she almost rejected an outfit of jeans, pink vest and pink/black/white-striped t-shirt because the waist was ordinary elastic-in-the-back.

she has a tiny little waist and wears slims and the waist STILL has to be adjusted with the elastic. levi's makes these, and so does lee, as of this fall. do you have meijer stores? their house brand, falls creek, also has them.

verification word, koryvj, sounds like it should be yarn from central/eastern europe!

ellen in indy

Amy Lane said...

Oh...sweet little Goober...she's gonna be lanky... (Ladybug is wearing her brother's T-shirts to bed--they fit pretty well. We're starting to call her our Warrior Princess because she's built like a quarterback...) Anyway, I'm glad you've got a reprieve. I just gave myself a 9 month deadline on a book while I'm finishing up another book. I took all your stress away, I just know it. You're welcome.