Monday, September 24, 2007

The short-row gusset thingie.

I did finish it and fix it. It was a two step process; I gave up on having the stitch pattern 'work' and went back later and fixed it. Here you can see it before fixing:

There are two ways to fix stuff like that. You can unravel the whole area (which in my case was about twenty stitches wide), put the stitches on a needle five or ten rows back (or however many rows it takes to get beyond the problem), and re-knit the area. That's the fastest way. Or, you can run down one stitch column at a time and use a crochet hook to pick the stitches back up again, doing knit or purl as needed. (The 'hook' method won't work with cables or lots of decreases/increases. FYI.) Because I was using VERY slippery yarn and there were short rows in there, I used the one stitch at a time method. That way, if a stitch got away from me, it was only ONE STITCH, instead of a huge swathe of them.

It took two and a half hours, but it's fixed now. Still a little ripply, but it should block out.

Just over halfway done, with one week left in the month. I should have known better. Two-year-olds and major deadlines don't mix too well.


Amy Lane said...

Two year olds and deadlines...buwahahahahaha... ya gots that right... nice fix, btw...I would have either A. ignored and regretted (classic amy lane, that technique...) or B. ripped it all back from sheer frustration.

Donna Lee said...

I would have probably have ripped it back rather than take all that time. It depends on how much patience I was feeling at the time. Sometimes those tedious tasks are perfect for when I am brain dead.

Julie said...

Well, I had already ripped it back twice and screwed it up twice. If I'd thought there was a chance of it working a third time, I'd have ripped back again. But since I wasn't even sure what was wrong, I figured this was the best way around it.