Thursday, September 13, 2007

I was right.

I'm not sure that's always a good thing. (Above, a cup of chocolate protein supplement, and a bottle of kelp tablets.)

Long story short, I've been working out three to five times a week, eating between 1200 and 1500 calories a day, and have been losing about a pound a month. This has, understandably I think, driven me totally batshit crazy. So I went to the doctor last month and asked to have my thyroid checked, and they took some blood and never called me back. I've tried calling, and finally went ahead and made another appointment to yell at my doctor in person. But that's at the end of the month, and I've been pretty fed up with all this exercise and no results. I figured, I know botany and herbs, I can do something about this (which reminds me of an old roommate of mine yelling "We know physics! We can do this!" but that's a tale for another day).

So I started taking some kelp. Kelp is full of iodine, and can jump-start a mildly goofy thyroid. I figured, if the doctors couldn't be bothered to check it, I could do some of my own experimentation. I started taking it last Wednesday, a week ago yesterday. Since then I'm averaging about a half-pound of weight lost per day.

THAT IS FIFTEEN POUNDS LOST IN A MONTH, if it keeps up. EEeeeee! Even if it doesn't keep up, I've lost three pounds in the last week, which is as much as I've lost in the last three months before that.

It never fails to amaze me, how doctors want us to treat them with utmost respect and hang on their every word, and do whatever they say. Yet they constantly get things wrong, don't know, or have the bedside manner of Atilla the Hun (or all three, in the case of the doctors I deal with). I WILL tell my doc about the kelp when I see him, but I'm not sure it'll mean a damn thing to him. I'm also considering sticking to the kelp and not taking medication, at least for a while, if they say my thyroid actually is wonky. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I've heard a lot about side effects from perscription thyroid medication, and for now, the kelp seems to be working.

If you want to try the kelp idea, here are a few things to keep in mind: It's basically an iodine supplement, so as long as you're not allergic, it shouldn't hurt you, even if it doesn't help. If your thyroid is functioning properly, it won't do a darn thing to help weight loss. And if you are ALREADY on thyroid medication, ask your doctor if it's okay to take an iodine supplement, before you try it. It could really mess you up.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I bother with doctors at all.

In other news, the cat has been eating my shoelaces:

The baby has rediscovered Mr. BunBun and is taking him everywhere (that's a teddy bear in a bunny suit clutched in her right hand):

And I may yet meet the middle-of-the-month deadline for the knitting, and having the September Sweater halfway done. No idea yet if I'll make it, with the Knitty article.


Donna Lee said...

I have been taking thyroid medicine for years. There are no real side effects because it basically replaces the hormone that your thyroid can't be bothered to produce any more. It takes FOREVER to get the level right and synthroid is one of the few medicines in which the generic is not the same.
In our house we had ugly baby dolls that the girls carried around. Then I made them some dolls froms scraps of fabric and they loved them back to scraps. Emily still has hers with no face (loved off) and a floppy head. It's such an attractive toy but like the velveteen rabbit, I think she became "real" from all the love.

Katie K said...

So how much kelp do you take each day?

Dame Wendy said...

Hey! Your post was just emailed to me (thanks Jen!) because I've blogged about thyroid disease.

I will definitely have to try out kelp when my prescription runs out. (doctor visits are just too expensive).

Originally I was on Synthroid and was having HORRIBLE side effects. After doing a ton of research and talking with Brenda (Dayne) who was also having thyroid problems, found this site:

I've been on Armour since and have had no side effects and the weight is slowly (SO SLOW) coming off.

Awesome post, thanks! :)

NeedleTart said...

First of all, The Baby, sorry Son the Younger, (I have just received a call from upstairs, so would Elder Son) would reealllyy like to hear the physics story (he nearly failed). Secondly, good on you for trying to help yourself. If only I weren't allergic to iodine (anaphalatic shock) I'd give it a try. Even with meds ( and swimmong 45 minutes a day) I don't loose weight, though I am now seeing a new Dr.

Julie said...

I am taking GNC's "Natural Brand" kelp TABLETS (not capsules), which claims to contain 150 micrograms of iodine per tablet. (On the basis of volume, I bet a standard capsule contains at least 300 micrograms, so check the label.) I take three a day, one with each meal. When I go up to four a day, I get headaches and lower back pain; the lower back makes me worry over my kidneys, so I keep it down to three and pay attention to the lower back thing. Obviously, kidneys vary; if you get the lower back thing on ANY dosage, cut back, is my suggestion. And that goes for all mineral supplements, not just iodine. In a very real sense, your body is processing rocks; too much is a very bad thing.

Katie K said...

Eureka! And 200 of them only cost $4! Will email you if it works.

Bells said...

i know people who think kelp is a bit of a cure-all. We've taken it over various times - particularly in relation to fertility issues. Not sure if it's helped us or not but I think iodine is more important than people have realised before now. In australia at least, now that they've got everyone taking folate for pregnancy, the new push is iodine. It's important. I think I'll get us some more.

Amy Lane said...

THat's awesome--I love it when we think our way out of the doc-in-the-box! (Mr. bun bun...too damned cute...)

Good for the weight loss...I should probably try it, but I happen to know that I haven't lost any weight because I still eat like crap--so I'm totally psyched for you and your good work!!!

Anna said...

I wrote a comment earlier that hasn't shown up...I hope it doesn't suddenly appear now that I'm writing a repeat comment!
Anyway, so Julie, how long did you take the kelp before you felt either an improvement in energy level or some other sense of change? I have every S&S of a thyroid being off for several years now but every time I ask for blood work the clinic says it came back normal. I figure I'm no worse off taking the kelp so I started dosing it last night.