Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Crocheted Steek: Mystery Diagnosis.

Louiz, one of our intrepid Steek-alongers, is having trouble with her crocheted steek and thinks it is pulling out. I dunno if it's pulling out or if it's being weirdly normal. So bear with us as I post photos and descriptions. (Heck. Ya might learn something.) Remember you can click on all these to make them bigger. I took them at as high a resolution as possible so you could see what was going on.

Here's the cut edge of my steek; please realize that the garter-edge button band is already on the jacket.

The chain of dark blue is the bit I crocheted, and you can easily see cut edges sticking up beyond it. Cut edges on the CUT side is perfectly fine. If they were sticking out BELOW the chain, on the sweater side, that would be bad.

Here's another shot, since this is a visual thing.

Not as good, but you still get the idea. There are ends poking out ON THE CUT SIDE.

Here's a shot of the BACK of the steek:

You can see two vertical lines of what looks like dark blue back stitching. The one nearest the edge is the steek's crochet chain. The one further in is where I picked up stitches to knit on the garter band. If yours looks like this, you're golden. Just knit up that garter band as quickly as you can (reasonably - don't lose sleep over this, though I suspect you already have, ugh) to stabilize the edge further. Between the crochet chain and the garter stitch band, the edge should remain stable. (Unless you give it to rabid monkeys and they pull it apart, or something extreme like that.)

If the cut edges are truly slipping the crochet chain, let me know. You can mail it to me and I'll fix it for you.

Good thing I got a new camera, huh?


Bells said...

I've been freaking since I read Louiz's post. Phew. Thanks. Thou art wonderful.

Dana said...

I've got nothing to add to the educational component, but have to compliment you on your nails. Very well maintained!

I got a call that CML is starting up this month again, but I am trying to re-enter the world of workdom, so can't commit to running it. It will probably still be on. Check the web. Or let them know YOU'RE interested! Free membership in it for you.

Louiz said...

Thanks Julie, but it's actually pulling out. My camera is not as good as yours, and there are spots where there is just the chain with a big gap to the jacket side of it... I will try again to get a better pic tonight. The fluffy ends are coming out all over the show and I'm a bit too scared to touch it to find out... bells, you're using proper wool not superwash (I think) and I think it's the superwash slipperiness that is doing me in...

Amy Lane said...

OMG--you offered to fix it for her--you, my darling are one wonderful KAL hostess!!!