Saturday, September 01, 2007

Buttons and sidebar.

The button HTML code in the last post, for the Strikke-along signups, has been fixed and is ready to go if you want to use it. (Bloglines only sent me one version of the post, the version that said not to use the HTML code yet. If you got that too, it's fixed now.)

A while back, Lynn made me a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Being HTML phobic, I didn't put it up right away (bad Samurai). But I'm going to be monkeying with the sidebar for a while, so I popped it right on up today. Thanks for the recognition. And considering I turn forty next year, thanks for calling me a girl, too.

While messing around with the sidebar, I made a Knit-alongs section that contains buttons of knit-alongs I have joined, past and present. I need to dig out the button and link for Project Spectrum (the first one), and then it'll be complete.

Since I'm doing this, and will be adding the names and links of everyone joining the Strikke-along, I thought it might be fun to add a section called "Sekhmet, you fucker" with links to all the appropriate posts. Does that sound like a good idea, or not?


Bells said...

a sekhmet link would be great. Then Sean could giggle and be amused at the click of a button. :-)

Sarah said...

Sounds good to me.

Kate A. said...

Hey Julie! I can't find your email so I'm writing here. It seems we're completely sympatico as regards Richard Rutt! You commented: "Someone needs to write another book. A good one. Should we play rock-paper-scissors to see who does it, or hold a drawing?"

Do it do it do it!!!!!!!!!

Really. !!!!!!!

Kate A. said...

PS I'm so not surprised to hear Orenburg lace may be its own tradition, by that route, though I didn't know enough to really know if that was backed up by any evidence. Yay!!

(Really - write the book!)

Kate A. said...

P.S. (take two) I only just now put together that you wrote all those article for knitty! I love them all, but I especially LOVE the History 101 one - you rock!

Amy Lane said...

"Sekhmet you fucker...the greatest hits..." I love it!