Monday, October 01, 2007


Happy Strikke-day, knit-alongers! Today's the day to cast on. And guess what? For your entertainment, I've gone completely insane and am going to try to knit a sweater in a month. (Incidentally, if I did not have a two year old in the house, I would be confident in my ability to pull this off. With the two year old? Anybody's guess.)

The new project is eligible for the Strikke-along because:
-It's a Russian pattern, and Russia was settled by Vikings.
-The pattern was written by a woman in N America, which was settled by Vikings.
-It would look good on Viggo Mortensen.
-I have a feeling I will start drinking Aquavit before this is all over.

See, back when I was making decisions about what to knit my mother-in-law for Chrsitmas, I was eyeing the Russian Prime sweater from "Meg Swansen's Knitting". But for some dumbass reason, I went off and knit the ugly pea green sideways cardigan instead. I think it was some lame idea that it would be more flattering. One of my new goals is to quit knitting what looks good and KNIT WHAT I WANT. It's a hobby, for crying out loud.

Long story short, last week I was brooding over how I'm constantly knitting for other people and not me, and how I've somehow turned knitting into a job, and thinking back on the years where I would knit what I felt like, and what I felt like usually turned into really beautiful projects, or at least interesting and educational projects. And I posted the pea green ugliness on Ravelry and while rating the pattern and the yarn I realized I hated both. Not the DESIGN, but the actual method of pattern-writing.

So. Here's the new gauge swatch:

I'm knitting this on SIZE FIVES. There will be no repeat of the size one lunacy of last year, particularly not as a gift. I ever do that again, I'm keeping it.

Last night I cheated and cast on and knit the hem; this morning I did the fold line and the row that establishes pattern. I don't have time to spare on this, and didn't want to wait for today. Anyone who wants to punish me for that, send Viggo Mortensen over to have a stern word with me.

Those of you who are contemplating sending a letter bomb to me because I've set aside Innsvinget YET AGAIN, first, you have to get in line behind the husbeast, who is growing quite disgusted. (He is after me to knit something for myself. Isn't he sweeeeet?) And second, the Attack Cat will be sniffing all mail coming into the house for the next month. She's ready and on the job. See?

Happy strikking, everyone! And good luck.


Kris Fletcher said...

Oooooh. That's gorgeous, Julie. I cna't wait to see how it turns out.

I cheated even worse - last night, I finished one sock of the pair I was intending to do for this. What can I say? I finished the previous project, the yarn was here, the poor neglected third boy child was waiting for his turn .... so, yeah. One sock done.

But there's still another one to go! And if I finish that before month's end (hey, I'm slow, shoot me), I'll be doing a Baby Surprise jacket for a wee one scheduled to be born next month.Which qualifies because (a) it's a Canadian baby, and their were Vikings in Canada, and ... um .. well ... Oh, I'm sure there's more, but I have to tend to a puking child, so I can't look up all the ways it qualifies.

Catie said...

ooo pretty... I am still waiting for the book (scheduled delivery Oct 15 and Nov 5) ugh.

Geertje said...

that gauge swatch does look extremely pretty!!!
for me, i'm still waiting for my yarn to arrive...(yeah, planning, i know, not something i'm good at..)

Hobbygåsa said...

Lovely pattern and lovely color! Today I will co for Selbu mittens!

debsnm said...

After reading the comments, I feel better. I have half the yarn, and will order the rest next Monday (when the funds allow). So, I'll be, like 2 weeks behind, but we'll see how long it takes me to catch up!

Caroline said...

Love the swatch, it's so beautiful! I always have trouble finding good shades of green.

I decided last night that I will be doing the Norwegian stockings from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks for the strikke along, bought the yarn earlier today, and cast on. I'm already past the snowflakes! I may be a slow fairisler, but these socks seem to knit up fast!

NeedleTart said...

I finished a tank top on Saturday and was all set to do the neck and armholes last night when I tried the thing on and it had to go to the frog pond (after I has neatly woven in all the loose ends, of course). Tonight I start my strikke sweater. It's a vest (hah! I should be able to finish that in a month)by Elspheth Lavold. I'm knitting it in some cotton yarn from the stash. Grey yarn.

Donna Lee said...

I started my Snowflake socks and they are not nearly as difficult as I envisioned. Either I am getting better at this knitting or it's just not that hard a skill. I'm betting it's just more impressive looking than it is hard. I had to enlarge the pattern (from IK's fall magazine) because they expected me to read from this little 2x4 inch rectangle. Not this mostly blind woman! It is really enjoyable and I am loving watching the pattern develop.

Amy Lane said...

I'm getting psyched because A. It's been a crap day professionally and now I get to plan something I'm excited about B. I have the yarn...I just have to decide WHICH yarn I want to use. (Sadly, the Kaffe Fasset Regia sockyarn is out...Gordy you @#$%er, go annihilate the crap yarn!!!) C. I love an excuse to cast on a new project when all of my old ones are too far from FO status to see daylight. (It could explain all my WIPs and UFOs...)

Anne said...

I was all ready to cast on that shrug when I started to wonder how it would look on Viggo Mortenson ... and now I am questioning my Strikke-along pattern choice. Um. I might have to let Ravelry absorb a few more hours of my day while I contemplate this. Hey, it's not midnight yet!

Pearls Mother said...

So, if I get past the Attack Cat and The Husbeast can I claim the Goober as a prize??
Knit for yourself because it's something you love and will wear, but, it's cute that the husbeast cares.

Bells said...

Nice colours! I like it a lot. Fascinating to see what you're doing.

I will try stranded socks. That'll be my contribution. Eventually.

April said...

My stupid mitten kit from Nordic Fiber Arts *still* hasn't arrived. Drat and double drat. I may need to go to Plan B. Well first I need to figure out what Plan B is and *then* go to it.

Roxie said...

Hah, just throw a puddle of sunshine at the attack cat and he will go comatose! I fear him not.

But happy strikke-along none the less! Your swatch looks like a box of madness to me, but perhaps you like a challenge. Anyhow, it's a beautiful madness!

Regenia said...

I've got all of my materials together, but must rip a sock that I'm completely unhappy with in order to free my needles.

In the mean time, I'm kind of fearing stranded knitting. I can knit with the yarn in either hand, but don't know what to call either way I do it. Knitting with the yarn in my right hand puts the yarn on the needles with the front facing left. Knitting with the yarn in my left hand puts the stitches on the needle twisted. I don't think this will work too well for stranded work, so perhaps a fellow Strikke-alonger would be kind enough to show me how they do it?

Caroline said...

I keep one strand over my index finger and one over my middle finger, but both on the left hand. It's a little tricky, but it works.

Brewgal said...

Cool swatch! I may have to change my Strikke-project to a vest in order to finish it in a month. Even then I may be pushing it, what with all the holiday scarves in queue.

Nina said...

Oh dear, I am behind. I totally forgot October 1 was the magic date. Time to check the book and make some choices!