Tuesday, October 16, 2007


In the past week, I've gotten three pairs of shoes: two I picked out, and one the Husbeast got me. The ones the Husbeast bought were in response to that fall I took a couple weeks ago; I'd been wearing an old pair of Crocs, with soles that were almost smooth. So he bought me a new pair, with little flowers on them:

Then I went to the Sketchers outlet. I planned to get myself a pair of semi-dignified shoes; something between tennis shoes and high heels. When I walked in the door, they told me there was a buy a pair, get a pair at half price sale going on.

I nearly swooned.

The black pair:

And the brown pair:

Keep in mind, these shoes are made by an athletic shoe company. So while they LOOK dignified, they FEEL very comfy. And the best part? The treads.

I won't be crashing and burning in the Target parking lot, wearing these babies.

Then we totally lost our heads and got a pair of shoes for the Goober. They light up.

I want light up shoes. They don't come in my size. Darn it.

Sekhmet? Oh, her. She prefers me barefoot.


amy said...

I WISH we had a skechers outlet. I want shoes like that to show off my handknit socks!

re: the light-up shoes. For years, my older son lobbied for them. I hate them. I wouldn't buy them. His younger brother now has a pair. I told my older son, that's what happens when you're born first. Your younger siblings get the rewards of your labors. (I just got worn out from so many years of begging; unfortunately for my firstborn, he's outgrown the light-up shoe sizes.)

Donna Lee said...

I so want light up shoes. I have been looking for years for adult sizes and have not found them. My youngest daughter wore them and I loved them. There is an untapped market here!

Anonymous said...

i love crocs -- or, in my case, mock crocs from tar-zhay or mei-yea (target and meijer to muggles). the mock crocs don't last as long, i'm sure, but at $7.99 (sometimes cheaper on sale) they fit both my feet and my budget nicely.

i've been wearing them all summer with ankle-high socks i've knitted from wool or wool blend yarns, all the way from hand-spun, hand-dyed uruguayan worsted to german sock yarn because my office is too cold for sandals.

my kids and grand have had light-up shoes. best thing about them is if kiddo tries to run off and hide in a dark room. one little wiggle and the lights go on!

ellen in indy.

Rose Red said...

Yay for Shoesday! The best day of the week!
I'm with Amy - I'd love those sketchers (or similar) for the showing off of the socks!
And light up shoes. Sigh.... I saw a kid with a pair on the other day - it made my day!

Bells said...

Light up shoes are the best. What does our resident goober think of them?


And red stockings. How very, very cool.

Jejune said...

Why should kids get all the fun, hmm?

Love the shoes YOU got, too - perfect for handknit socks!

Netter said...

I love the shoes. My baby sister's luck to have small feet. She can buy boys' shoes and has a pair of camo sandles that light up!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous, as I can only wear one shoe at the moment. :::sigh::: Enjoy wearing two shoes for me. The light up shoes will come in handy at Halloween because it's just one more layer of safety in the dark.

TrishJ, she of broken ankle land

Jeanne said...

I want light up shoes too!

I can whine louder if I have to...I've wanted them for years, thought they would be sooooo cooool in the library where I work - alas, with age my feet no longer fit in boys shoes.
but those are really cool shoes to show off handknit socks. Congrats!

Nina said...

Oh, I wish we had an outlet like that near us. I've been wearing Z-coil shoes for a few years now, and would like to see if I can find other, less expensive options for my feet. I'm in the market for shoes in better condition, too.

Jacquie said...

I love Sekhmet and I love those black shoes.......shoe envy...mmmm. I may have to go shopping and find my own!
Seriously cool stockings by the way.

Amy Lane said...

Yeeee!!! Is your Goober a fat-footed shoe fetishist like my Ladybug? We can't walk into a shoe store without buying a sparkly pair of Dora somethings...

Dana said...

I just went back to work f/t and realized I can't wear Dansko professionals and hand knit socks with skirts, darnit. I've got to add to my shoe wardrobe, but won't sacrifice comfort. I think I'll rip off your shoe choices this weekend.

Brewgal said...

Love the shoes!

RobynR said...

Those light-up sneakers originated in adult sizes . . . but the people who were buying them discovered that light up shoes were not an asset when attempting to hide from the police in a dark alley.
If you're really determined to have the light up shoes though, you can find some lovely lucite stripper shoes with LEDs in them.

Terby said...

Dig the shoes and the red tights. Light up shoes were outlawed in a lot of places due to having a mercury switch. I think they're a great idea for joggers.

I'm taking note of the Sketchers outlet. I like shoes.

Olivia said...

Hey, you bought my skechers! the black ones. Love those shoes. I wore them (sans socks) at a conference last week, with business pants. So comfy.