Monday, October 15, 2007

No Christmas this year.

As I awoke this morning, trying not to scream because I'd rolled over on my shoulder wrong, I finally faced up to reality. I'm not gonna make the Christmas deadline this year, even if I don't need surgery. The knitting is going very slowly, even though I'm enjoying it, because my shoulder and arm can't do more than a round or two at a time without a break. The all-day knitting marathons of last summer are a semi-fond memory. I'm going to inform my in-laws that there won't be any Christmas knitting this year, and go find them something else as gifts instead (my mother-in-law is easy to shop for since I taught her to knit - I just go out and buy her yarns she's never heard of before).

What, then, will I do with the Strikke-along project, which was supposed to go to my mother-in-law?

I'm gonna stick with the project monogamy, and finsih it.

And keep it for myself.

Seems like a good way to finish out the Year of Me. I think next year will be the Year of Project Monogamy.


Roz said...

How sad -- for the in-laws.

How lovely -- for you.

Enjoy getting it done -- especially since Goober and Sekhmet are sure to get in the way!

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

awww, feel better!! It's a gorgeous sweater to keep for yourself. Enjoy.


Alwen said...

Rotator cuff injuries do heal. Eventually.

Let's see, it's 2007 -- it's been 4 years since I ripped mine, and I don't feel your pain any more. It took something like a year of physio. to straighten it out and heal up, though.

Is it a coincidence that a lot of moms of getting-heavy toddlers get these? That and "toddler elbow".

My sympathies!

Donna Lee said...

I'm sorry your shoulder/arm hurts and it keeps you from doing what you enjoy. The sweater pattern is beautiful in green and white. I am a project monogamist by temperment. The only time I have ever had more than one project going is right now because I can see how well my strikke along project would come out if I tried to work on it on my commute. More than one project going at the same time gives me twitches.

Anne said...

I'm sorry you're on the DL but glad that you have resolution on the Christmas idea NOW, in October. Hope you heal quickly!!

Amy Lane said...

Project monogamy is so not nearly as fun as spousal monogamy. I'm not buying... But I do hope the shoulder is better...and good for you, that sweater is GORGEOUS...

Bells said...

I for one am glad to hear you won't be absolutely killing yourself with deadlines this year. They all know you make great stuff. You won't be letting the side down. You'll just give them all stuff some other time.