Wednesday, October 03, 2007

There is a transmission in my hallway.

The husbeast is off on another round of buying car parts, and installing them in various vehicles. Some for repairs, some for the fun of it. The latest round of purchases arrived this morning and is piled in my front hall. It looks like the front office of a car dealership.

-... -

We've got a tropical storm parked over the house, and I intend to spend the rest of the day (or at least the Goober's nap time) holed up, knitting. I've already begun worrying about whether I'll have enough yarn.

-... -


Khris asked about whether or not doing stranded color left little snaggy things on the inside of the knitting and the answer is, yes. That's why you're not supposed to strand color much longer than an inch, without knitting it in again. There are other ways to work it, though, and Armenian knitting is probably going to be the next big thing - it's a method of using two colors for an entire sweater, twisting them every few stitches. The unused color kind of shows through on the front, but it's all over, so it looks like a design element, and not a mistake. It's an old method used by Elsa Shiaparelli, and there's a new book about it coming out soon from Meg Swansen.

There have also been comments in strikke-alongers blogs about finishing their project in a month. It'd be nice, but don't sweat it if you run over. It's going to take a miracle for me to finish this sweater in a month.

Sorry for the blah blog post today, but it's a blah kind of day around here.


Anonymous said...

So if we send you pictures of our project will you post them?

I like watching yours progress and it would be kind of neat to see everone elses. It might also be the push I need to keep going.

I am doing socks and I did the gauge last night but it was really far off. I had to buy new needles during lunch today.


April said...

A little stranded enabling for those who might still be trying to choose a pattern ...

Amy Lane said...

I know what you many nights w/out sleep makes Amy a very bleh sort of blogger...

Em said...

Yay for car parts! Sorry, I think cars are fun. Some days, anyway. They are not, however, fun in the house. Especially trannys, they tend to be messy.

You and Mom make stranded color look almost easy and fun. Maybe if I manage these socks and start abusing illegal substances, I might try some.

Donna Lee said...

We have the same problem with computer parts. I could probably outfit a small community with all the parts in my bedroom.