Sunday, October 07, 2007

More knitting.

I think this is the longest I've ever gone on this blog, discussing knitting, without a tangeant off into something else - food history, cockroaches, auto mechanics, something. But really all I'm doing is knitting, so that's what you get to hear about. It IS a knitting blog.

The Russian Prime continues apace:

I'm really enjoying it, and can't wait to see how it looks, finished. (For those of you unfamiliar with the pattern, you'll be quite impressed with how the sleeves are done.)

Long time readers may remember me complaining about how, years ago, I knit a silk throw and the silk contained fifty pounds of twigs, dirt, and lint. While I was running about taking photos the other night, I snapped one of That Silk Throw:

The cat is still crazy:

And the Goober is still cute:


Amy Lane said... crazy, goober cute, knitting going along at light speed--all IS right with the world!!!! (Hope this is true...)

Anonymous said...

is the goober dressing or undressing? I LOVE this pattern! I think it will look awesome on MIL.


Bells said...

What was she doing with her t-shirt in that photo????

RP looks fabulous!

Pearls Mother said...

the goober is obviously making a fashion statement!

Nina said...

The green in the sweater is really nice--green is one of my favs. Oh, and your knitting is beautiful, too. ;)

You pick up the camera at just the right time--or do you keep it around your neck, just in case?

Roxie said...

infreakingcredible knitting! Perfectly normal catness. Goober trying on the pop-star look? Not enough sequins and false eyelashes to make it work.

teeweewonders said...

The Russian Prime is amazing. I think I'll have to try out the pattern one day - after all the other things I have to knit...