Saturday, October 06, 2007

The sweater of shame.

Lately I've been taking photos of old projects - at least, the ones laying around the house - with an eye to posting them on Ravelry. There has been a little bit of "oh, I'd forgotten I knit that" going on, but the biggie, the sweater that lurks in my subconscious, is this one:

"Koningsborg", by Dale of Norway. (It's rather desperately in need of blocking... cut me some slack. It's never been finished, so it's never been blocked, so it's still doing the humped-up stranded color thing.)

Unfortunately for me, I knit my initials and the date into the hem, so I know just how long this thing has been sitting around, waiting for me to finish it. It was so long ago, I was still knitting in hems, instead of hand-hemming them. I think the steeks are machine-stitched, too.

I'm thinking next year may be the year of project monogamy. I could alternate old projects and new, but pick one and keep working on it until it's finished.

Either that or I could have the husbeast hold a gun to my head. I think he's ready to.

-... -

Remember the trivia team? (If not, we've been doing a pub trivia game, that turned into a tournament.) Today was the last game, winnter gets two thousand dollars. We'd managed to qualify for finals (somehow), so off we went today, to play.

We didn't win.

But we didn't come in dead last, either. And we beat the two teams we had grudges against. So all is well.

Coulda used that money, though. To buy yarn.


Sheepish Annie said...

It's a great sweater and certainly deserves to see the light of day. But, I find that things that aren't on my "happy" list are never finished well. Someday, the urge will hit and we'll all get around to finishing those things that we haven't felt like doing. Meanwhile, I like knitting things that make me happy...

Anonymous said...

That sweater is beautiful.

wish i could knit that well.

Bells said...

makes me feel so much better about my steeked jacket!

Amy Lane said...

You're so close! But you know...if you don't feel the love, it's not what you want to be doing... (Good job on the trivia!)

Alwen said...

Heh, "I'll finish weaving up the warp that's been sitting on my loom since 2003 if you finish the sweater."

Mary Lynn said...

Once again, I am awed by your talent. You are indeed an artist. I would have taken one look at the pattern and said "lovely. Now where is that scarf that I'm knitting?" LOL

Nina said...

Congrats on the pub trivia contest. Pretty cool to be in the finals. I'm envious. I haven't heard of that around here, hmmm.

Koningsborg is gorgeous! I want to see you and Alwen finish the Projects of 2003. :)