Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stranded color.

There've been some questions about stranded color, and floats, and carrying yarns and stuff. So here's how I do it; really there's no wrong way, unless it unravels. I carry the yarn in my left hand, knitting continental, all the time. So when it's time to carry two (or more) colors, I just add them in my left hand, between different fingers. First color is between index and middle, second color between middle and ring, etc. I can and have carried four colors this way, leaving the fourth color to sort of dangle, and picking it up as needed (during brief moments of insanity). Here's a photo to give you an idea:
Note the Dolores tee. For good measure, the husbeast and I got a little crazy and shot some video:

You get the idea. I hope. (I've never watched video of myself knitting before. Wow. I look kind of, like, talented, don't I? Huh. Damnedest thing.)

There were also some questions about how the stranded color should look on the reverse side, and it should be a simple fabric with floats of one color or the other, running along. They don't need to be twisted, and shouldn't be (it'll just add bulk to the fabric, and unless you're knitting with sock yarn, you really don't need bulk). Remember, those floats make the fabric twice as thick and twice as warm.

See? It's just strings of yarn going across the back of the fabric.

And the front? Oh, it looks like this:

Heeheehee. Things are moving along. And I can knit the pattern while reading. Whee!


April said...

Day 2 of the Strikke-Along, still no mitten pattern. Curse you, Nordic Fiber Arts!

However, I find a certain irony in the fact that your sweater and my MIA mittens are the same colors.

Catie said...

I gotta learn me some continental knitting. I found the video helpful, and particularly liked the "k" at the end...

Alwen said...

And one of my double knitting samples for the class I'm teaching tomorrow night

[insert shrieking hysterical laughter here]

is also the same colors.

I'll be Strikke-ing along after I finish terrifying myself to death tomorrow and tomorrow night.

And my verification word is "somdpn", "Some dpn".

Amy Lane said...

Looks fabulous--and you're making progress!...I, on the other hand, am doing corrugated ribbing for three inches in sock yarn.


Louiz said...

Damn! I had a migrain yesterday and missed the start.

Will be doing some nice easy (green) fingerless gloves...

Donna Lee said...

Damn, you READ while knitting? I listen to books and have found I can listen and keep track of my colors but reading is right out. I knit continental and found holding the yarns like you do is the easiest for me. I am loving watching the pattern develop as I knit. I think I like this stranded color thing.

Josie said...

I have cast on for my Strikke-Along project! I went to the sidebar to see what everyone else was up to, and noticed that I am linkless! Could you please link me? I'm Josie at yarnsongs.blogspot.com

Kris Fletcher said...

But when you float the yarn instead of giving it a twist every once in a while, don't you end up with bits that get caught on fingernails when you try to put it on?

(I still love how it's turnign out ... that green is gorgeous.)

Caroline said...

Thanks for the encouraging words you left on my blog! I think you're absolutely right. :)

Roxie said...

You read and do colorwork at the same time? How many eyes do you have? I bow to a superior being! I can knit and read but only if it's simple knit/purl work.