Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shoesday, and some photos.

Fun still abounds at House O' Samurai. The weather is doing this crazy, mid-season deal where there's a forty degree difference between night and day, and the shifts are giving me migraines. So it's back to vegetation in front of the TV, and all the peanut butter and bananas you can eat. Goodie.

Someone asked about gauge on the Russian Prime. I'm knitting it at about five stitches to the inch, with size five/3.75mm needles.

The Goob has begun watching television like this:

That's an easy chair she's got her legs up against. I swear I had nothing to do with this; she settled in like that all on her own and watched TV that way for about half an hour. I got dizzy just looking at her.

She also unearthed a horn from the depths of the toy box, left over from her birthday party:

It's doing wonders for the migraine. (Pleae note the Cat Look Of Doom from behind her. After the photo was taken, the cat pounced.)

Sekhmet? Oh. She's gone totally fucking crazy. Over the husbeast's feet.

Whenever the husbeast goes barefoot, she goes wild. Lays on his feet, rolls on them, rubs her face over them. This time she decided to have a taste.

I don't know what she thought of the taste, but she didn't like the husbeast shouting "SEKHMET, YOU FUCKER!" at the top of his voice.

Oh, shoes?

I got my black suede clogs out of the closet tonight. Worn with heavy socks and long pants, they're good for all but heavy snow, and I usually wear them all the way through winter. No idea who made them; I bought them in Hawaii about five years ago.


debsnm said...

Cats LIKE stinky stuff - I won't tell you what mine like to play with, but they always come up with that funny wrinkly-nose face, like they can't decide if they like it or not.

Anonymous said...

You'd think her head would hurt doing that. I think she was just waiting for you to tell her to stop and when you didn't she found the horn.

Cool shoes.


Alwen said...

I can't really laugh, not over migraines, and a lot of mine make me aphasic, so who am I to *talk, but the phrase "vegetation in front of the TV" gave me a mental picture of a wall of ferns and tropicals . . .

(* That would be spelled "who i am to not talh" during a migraine.)

Sheepish Annie said...

One of my cats has a foot fetish, too. And hair. She just loves chewing on my hair. I guess she likes the end parts of people...

Fabulous clogs! I do love Shoesday!

Mamma said...

Somehow in all my migrain research I missed that extreme temp changes like that could be possible triggers. I wonder if that's what's going on with me lately. I swear I'm avoiding all my other migraine causing things.

And the baby is incredibly cute. I love when they're so silly like that, and all puffed up by their newfound cleverness.

NeedleTart said...

Love the Dizzy Gilespie cheeks.
Nice clogs.

Amy Lane said...

My brother's cat used to get high off his athletes foot-shoes...she'd stick her head in them, inhale (imagine the tail going spoink! Spoink! SPOINK!) and zoom around the house at 2000mph... (the Goober? super-cute...Cave Troll fell asleep like that once...)

Caroline said...

I tried knitting at a friend's house once (well, I've done it more than once, but only once at this particular friend's house...anyways). She has two cats. Yes, twice the craziness. One of them likes stick-like things like pencils and oh, yeah, knitting needles. She tried to sit in my lap while I was knitting, trying to rub her face against mine at the same time as she was attacking my needles, biting the ends of them. Do I have to tell you my knitting went sloooowly? Cat number 2 was off in his own corner, pretending to be a nice, uninterested kitty until we left the room. He then proceeded to play the *beep* out of my yarn, which I came back to find wound around multiple pieces of furniture and obviously full of contrasting cat hair. Oh my.

Oh, and that is one cute baby(?) girl you've got there! Save those pictures, I'm sure she'll have the best explanations for that kind of thing when she gets oldier.

Roxie said...

The nice thing about horns like that is that they break so easily.

We had a cat that treated DH's stinky socks like catnip. We could get her to come running from anywhere with the cry of "Stinky socks!"

Is it the season? Or alien rays? Or what? So many people suffering migraines. Menopause pretty much cured mine. there ARE benefits to the crone's state.