Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You want snark?

The MSN 2008 fashion year in review.

A quote: "wide horizontal stripes are no one's friend, whether you're curvy or clarinet-shaped; never wear anything ribbed and rubber outside the privacy of one's boudoir; avoid any material that increases the possibility of hydroplaning; and when the good folks at Michelin offer to sponsor your tour, always, always read the fine print" and "[these] accoutrements put the "ha!" into haute couture."

I do think it's unfair to rag on celebrities in photos taken when they're knocking around town, though. Everyday wear, we all go for comfy over glam. But on the red carpet?? GEEZ. What are these people ON? (Okay, we know what Courtney Love's on.) And Cher? Hasn't Cher proven she's outside the law of fashion by now?


Leonie said...

Oh my, you really do rein it in don't you!! ROFL!

Amy Lane said...

*snorf* I think I just inhaled soda-- is that bad? (Or as bad as Kim Kardashian's boobs?)

Alwen said...

Sometimes I think it's good that I have no fashion sense. And live where it gets cold. At least my chilly body parts let me know what wants covering up!

Strangely appropriate, yet again:


cherie said...

Oh that was beautiful. thank you. made my morning!

Donna Lee said...

I love how catty those commentators are. I can never come up with the wonderful images they come up with.