Sunday, December 07, 2008


I am documenting the process, for those of you who requested it.

For now, I think I'll go breathe into a paper bag and tell myself over and over "You've done this a million times before, it will be fine."


ETA: The husbeast just asked, "If I hear screaming, should I grab the Goob and run out of the house?"

I'm telling myself the only real danger is having it dye unevenly, and then it will look hand made.



NeedleTart said...

But it IS hand made. You don't want it to look "home" made (as in loving hands at home with no real skill).
I love that uneven kettle dyed look, myself. Good luck.

Bells said...

would it help you to tell you I actually dreamed about this last night - it was red though. And it turned out ok.

Amy Lane said...

It's going to be gorgeous... many deep breaths...

Mandy said...

Are you using "real" dye?

Anonymous said...

Oooh pretty! Thank you for the photos. How can I convince you to do a wee tutorial for us newbies?
Hmm my spam word is once again one letter away from a real word "anatic"

Nina said...

Okay, that'll teach me to stay away too long! I just now, after looking at this for the second day, sorted out that the shawl is only one colour, and that it is laying on top of the colours seen. WHEW!!

That is gorgeous work, as usual, my dear. :)