Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some sleeve.

I've got this much done on the first one:

I'm using the seamless saddle-shoulder method (just like the steeked jacket) to knit this thing, so I just need to get it to the arm pit and join it up with the body that is already done to the arm pits. I've moved it over to a circular needle this morning, which speeds things up, so that's a help. If I get both sleeves knocked out this week (possible, but nuts), odds are good for getting the yoke done next week, and having it ready BEFORE we leave for Ohio on the 20th. There have been years I sewed on buttons minutes before giving a gift, and years I've given Christmas gifts in February. I'd like to skip all that this year.

Obviously, I'm not doing much else. The Goob has taken to drawing really cute faces.

Otherwise, I MIGHT get a photo of the shawl in daylight today. I hope to. And someone asked when my next Knitty article is due out. I was told it would be in the upcoming winter issue, which was supposed to be out, uh, December 1. So, any day now. It'll be in KnittySpin, and is about dyeing loose fiber. I fear it's of limited interest to my knitting readers. But that's what's up.

Gotta go knit.


Amy Lane said...

Wow--I bet that sleeve felt like lightning, didn't it!!!(And I must be a total freak--I don't mind purling...although I have learned to 'knit backwards' when I'm turning a sock heel, because the turning the work is kind of a pain in the ass!)

And I suggest, should you ever get any more comments from fashion designers with their panties in a twist, that you send a photo of that shawl with the caption of "Knit something like this by hand and dye it to spec, and THEN we'll talk about practicality, craftsmanship and style." Until then, you've got nothing to say to them, 'cause they ain't worth your time!

Bells said...

Oh it looks all bulky and comfy. Can't wait to see the finished product. You're good at pressure knitting - like me - those deadlines loom and you go hell for leather!

Cute Goober drawing!

Alwen said...

I guess I have to be the one to say it, "Look at those telephone poles!"