Sunday, December 28, 2008

Babbling, and a meme.

Drove from Ohio to South Carolina yesterday... about 670 miles/1070 km. Took us about fourteen hours and the whole way I practically chanted "I am never doing this again, we are stopping halfway." to which the husbeast would reply "You pay for the hotel, babe." and I would mutter something to the effect of "You aren't dealing with the $#($*&%# kid."

Good times.

Anyway, I'm home, and now able to e-mail again so I will be answering a lot of stuff that sort of hung around in the ether waiting for me to connect to it. If you're waiting, hopefully I'll get to you soon.

This morning the Goober is the only one functioning. No nap yesterday, bed three hours late last night, up an hour early this morning. Half of me thinks "Ah, to be three again," and the other half thinks "That looks like it would kind of suck."

Anyway. Um. What was I saying? Yes, correction from the last post, it was a 500 gig hard drive I got, not fifty. (Which just PROVES the husbeast is insane, but we kind of knew that anyway, what with him being married to me.) And I knit up about 600 yards of yarn last week, not 800. I kinda lose track with those giant balls that Bendigo winds up. Anyway, I was about halfway between the armpit shaping and the shoulder straps (the EZ seamless saddle shoulder pattern) when I realized my fingertips were numb and if I kept going I'd be laid out for at least another week, once it was finished. I should certainly have it done by January 5, when the twelve days of Christmas end. (Though the spaz-along is going to Chinese New Year, which is January 26.)

The Wiggles are doing disco music at the moment, with Richard Simmons, and it's kinda freaking me out. No, it's REALLY freaking me out. Anyway, anyway. I'm babbling. Exhaustion, I think. Or insanity still.

I have photos of knitting-related Christmas gifts I hope to post sometime today (YARN!), and a photo of the Goober looking an awful lot like Elizabeth I of England (which fills me with both amusement and dread). In the mean time, a meme from over at TweeWeeWonders, where it is snowing. No, literally. The blog is snowing. Check it out. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, the meme. Go to your Pictures folder, go to the sixth folder in there, and then find the sixth photo. Post it, and offer an explanation if needed. (In my case, of COURSE it needs an explanation.)

The folder is titled "Sericulture" and is from the blog post I did on that subject. The photo is of silk, woven in China and found at Loulan, dating from around 300CE. I don't think it ever got into the blog post - I often save lots more photos than I eventually use on that kind of thing - so this is kind of a bonus.

At this stage I'm supposed to tag five people and stuff, but if it looks fun, go ahead and do it. Um, if the sixth folder is full of porn, feel free to skip to the seventh. Or tenth. Or whatever.


Roxie said...

Ah, the joys of the holidays!

With those fingers, conserve to preserve. In other words, if you over-use 'em, you'll lose 'em.

We need to figure a way to siphon off that three-year-old energy and bottle it for adult use.

Leonie said...

I'm having to post a reply here because for some reason there is no email address on your blog anymore and not on your blogger profile either and for some reason I have forgotten to add it to my address book, so I'm getting the whole thingy so anyway:
Hey Julie,
There are two that are poisonous!! The echidna and the platypus, sneaky little buggers!. Although some of the others are dangerous in their own ways!!
I think my favourite is the kookaburra. Love the effect of the dots on the Batik.

PS Roxie has it right we need to find a way of siphoning off that three year old energy!!

Alwen said...

My husband bought (for the family network) a 2-terabyte remote access storage device. And 2 extra gigabytes of memory for my computer, because he was poking around on the home LAN and decided I needed more.

So now we can all three watch different movies, all at one time, via wireless, off the RAS.

Modern life is very cool as long as the power stays on.

Amy Lane said...

Ulg... I had one of those kid moments moments today... and as for the picture folder? would just be another kid. I've got those!

Donna Lee said...

Take care of yourself. You need those hands for a long time. I've often thought the Goob looked like photos of Elizabeth. Let's hope she doesn't have the imperiousness (or is it too late for that hope?)

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Cool - thank you, I'm glad to see you playing along and I rather like the picture. I think I remember you posting pictures like that some time back. At first I thought it may be bark of a tree!
As for the snow. :) It's a blogger feature that someone showed me. You can add it by visiting this site and clicking on the link in the post:
Have fun in the snow. :)

Karen said...

Thanks for the meme. I don't have a blog but was curious what the picture would be. I got a fabulous picture from pinball's 1st grade field trip to MO Botanical Gardens. It was an absolutely great shot I didn't even remember. Best Xmas present yet, even beat my new Jordana Paige.