Sunday, December 14, 2008

Comment roundup.

There've been some questions in the comments, and then there's other stuff...

-I'm sorry my sweater surgery caused some horror. I promise to unravel that chunk I cut off and use the yarn. Just not right now, 'cause I'm busy.

-The sweater for my father-in-law has been put on sorta hold right now, and I am working to finish the batiked fabric for my sister-in-law. After looking at the calendar, I have faced reality. Something's not getting done. I can knit in Ohio, but I can't do the batiking there. So, priorities first. Damn it.

-I would have to hike 'the girls' up to my shoulders to get the Hex Jacket to fit properly, and even then it wouldn't work. But thanks for the suggestion.

-Thank you to everyone who wants me to move near you. Very flattering.

-If I were a politician I wouldn't use the word fuck so much. No. Really. But the thing is, what are the odds of me ever getting elected? HAHAHAHA.

-I think the only knitting magazine that turns a significant profit is Interweave (of the three I've been discussing, Knitter's, Interweave, and VK). I think Knitter's and VK stay alive by book publishing and yes, in the case of Knitter's, the Stitches conventions. My problem - such as it is - with Knitter's is, some of the patterns are kind of kooky, but again, they aren't claiming to be anything but a knitting magazine (not haute coture), and they ARE a knitting magazine, so okay. I really like how they lay out their patterns and present the information, their tech editing is reasonably good, and they have a lot of good designers on the payroll. I wish they'd reign in Rick Mondragon, though, particularly in the books. Victorian Lace Today is a shining example of why; they should have dumped at least ten pages of full-color photos, and with the money saved, published another twenty pages of black-and-white text about how to alter lace, in the Appendix. (That section is worth the cost of the book, if you knit lace.)

Other Stuff. (I'm documenting the medication thing here so I can find it later. Please feel free to stop reading. There will not be a test later.)

-My doc and I upped my blood pressure medicine, mostly to keep my blood pressure from possibly triggering migraines. (As I put it, "Unless I pass out, the lower the better on blood pressure, right?" and he nodded and started laughing again.) That's the latest plan; I think it will work because often I can get mild migraines to go away by taking an extra blood pressure pill (which I have permission to do, from the doctor).

-Took the first dose of Lyrica last night. I was feeling pretty floaty after, but that was all right 'cause I went to bed. Laying in bed a while, I had this reaction "Something's weird... what is it... what is it... huh. My hand doesn't hurt." It appears to have turned off about 95% of the 'nerve confusion', random signals my nerves send for no reason. Hot, cold, pain, pressure, itching, you name it. (I burned my hand the other night, and the pain of it kind of got lost in all the confusion and I couldn't tell the burn apart from the general chaos.) Slept like a rock, woke up early, felt downright human. As the husbeast said, 'This is weird. Awesome, but weird.' I'm deeply suspicious of miracle drugs (I've been down this road before), and waiting for the bad side effects to hit, but so far, it looks like a miracle. Let's hope the all-day vertigo doesn't hit in two weeks. (That's my usual response to this class of drugs.)


Amy Lane said...

Yay! Huzzah for good drugs!!!! (And here's hoping w/fingers crossed!)

Don't worry--I'll get over my horror of the sweater surgery:-)

I'd suggest you move to California, but since I spend lots of time wishing I could move OUT, that wouldn't be fair or nice.

I'm totally with you. Interweave is my absolute favorite. (Creative Knitting is my guilty pleasure:-)

Yeah--FIL will like the sweater anyway.

My 'girls' get really pissy when I try to hike them up too far--back problems, shoulder tension... really, they're much happier when they don't have to conform to rigorous spec (yes on the bra, no on the whalebone corset). I don't see why yours should be any less temperamental.

Liz said...

Agree with you on Victorian Lace Today. As long as they leave the pic on the Table of Contents page (xiii) alone - the fugly modern building with the radio aerial is where the Cambridge KTog meets twice a month - we liked that; and also the fact that nobody involved in the book probably had a clue that was the case...

Really hope the new drug continues to work and stays side-effect-free!

Leonie said...

Two weeks of unbroken/undisturbed sleep might be worth the vertigo...let's hope it doesn't come to that though. I hope it doesn't take 2 weeks for the vertigo to wear off if it takes that long to kick in.

Alwen said...

My big issue with Victorian Lace Today was all those color photos that didn't really show how the thing knitted up.

I wanted to see how it came out, not how cool it looked all bunched up over some model's shoulders, blowing in the breeze with old buildings in the background.

Show me the knitting! But then, no one has ever accused me of high fashion.

David said...

insert Alfred Hitchcock reference here~~~~>

Louiz said...

Fingers crossed on the medication working like a miracle for good. Over the weekend I decided to stop taking my pain medication (ibuprofen) because the physiotherapy and treatments seem to be working so well... I realised just how good modern pain killers are, as I turned into the incredibly grumpy woman who refused to move or do anything except grump and knit. So I hope it really hope it is a miracle with no side effects.

Oh yes, and I'm now back on the ibuprofen. Lets hear it for modern medical drugs that do what they're supposed to!