Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Well. Just got a love note from Nanette Lapore (the one who designed the halter dress in super-bulky with holes in it) and apparently she's mortally offended.

Or at least, it's someone claiming she's Nanette Lapore, since they left the comment anonymously and while I can trace it, it's not like it goes back to "Nanette Lapore's server". I can say it's not our friend in Alberta.

Since it's anonymous, I can't address the issue privately, and since they left the comment on the blog, I guess they don't want it private. So I'll say it here.

I stand by what I said. There are things inch-thick fabric will not do. Smart designers face the facts and work with them. Physics is physics. Sorry if it hurts.

ETA: A quick search of Ravelry has shown only three people have knit the pattern for the halter dress, and the two who left comments greatly modified the dress to fix the holes all through it and reduce the bulk. Gee. Maybe I'm psychic?


Amy Lane said...

OMG-- you've got a comment troll!!! I'm sorry--I've gone through this sort of thing on amazon, and while, on the one hand, you can snort and say, "Fucking morons" (or, if it really is Nanette, 'poor, oversensitive soul who needs to learn to take criticism'--and having been that EXACT person, I do have a little bit of compassion there) on the other, you just want to jump up and down and kick something!!!

Bells said...

I'm sure if someone had a criticism of something I'd designed, I'd probably stay quiet and just lick my wounds - not go publicly saying stuff like that!

Heather said...

From the picture, I thought "Meh, the dress is pretty ugly." And then I saw the video on the VK website!! Have you seen this? People modelling the clothes with a voice-over describing the pattern! Dear God, that's the most hideous dress ever. It's exactly the kind of thing that turns people off wearing hand-knits. Keep calling 'em like you see 'em, Julie!

Alwen said...

I guess I've been blogging long enough - got one of those myself on an older post today. I wasn't thrilled enough to refrain from trash-canning it, though.

Roz said...

Coward. Too bad we can't chime in when you do your VK reviews, thanks to the hate-filled trolls -- haven't these people heard of the First Amendment -- and your right to rip on stuff that is idiotic?? Sheesh.

Thanks trolls --do you go around keying people's SUV's because you think they're gasoline-wasters? Must be nice to be so extremely right about everything...

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