Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It has begun.

The insanity known as 'the Christmas baking'. Unlike other years, I haven't made a list of baking to be done, gone off, and spent $100 on supplies, and holed up in the kitchen for a week of insanity. This year, between three-year-olds, health shit (endocrinologist appointment tomorrow, pain doc Friday), crazed knitting (almost done with the first sleeve), and did I mention, a three-year-old, the baking is going to be scaled back significantly. I'm aiming for one batch of cookies a night (doable, and a good break from knitting all day, for my hands). As for supplies, I'll buy them as I go. If I decide to make lemon truffles, I'll go to the store and buy a lemon and some white chocolate. And so on.

Last night, I made almond cookies. Tonight I'm doing a double batch of toffee-chip shortbread cookies. Tomorrow night will be Goddamn Holiday Snickerdoodles (an official name). They're regular snickerdoodles, with cinnamon mixed into the dough and rolled in red or green colored sugar. Anyone need/want the recipe?

Instead of the usual twenty pound bag of flour I usually get, I'm going to get a five pound bag like normal people and just buy more if I need it.

Last night I killed my Sideswipe. Ripped the silicon flaps right off. I am not amused.

Anyone seen that recipe for ginger bars?

(And there's REALLY nothing to report. I'm doing nothing but sitting around, knitting, with an occasional break to bake or read. Whee.)


historicstitcher said...

There's something about single-parenting/working full-time that has me totally in denial about the upcoming holidays. I try so hard to get through each day, each week, that I'm beginning to get paranoid that Christmas wil come and go and I'll have missed it! I won't have baked, the tree won't be decorated, and there won't be any gifts for my son on Christmas morning...cuz I haven't bought any!

How am I supposed to ramp up to the holidays when I can barely keep up during normal days??

Amy Lane said...

OKay--I caved yesterday and bought my daughter a recipe book for cookies. Best thing about having a teenager is that now SHE can cook. (Worst thing is, she'll screw up and I'm the cavalry... I mean, come ON, am I ALL the universe can give her?)

Sarah said...

I would love that recipe.

my word verif: is "redish" which is ironic because that is almost my state of panic about the holidays.

Arianne said...

Some Snickerdoodles would be really good right about now.

Bring on the recipe.

Leonie said...

The more I read of yours (blog/articles/opinions) the more I feel like a kindred spirit. Pierce WAS SO the Best Bond ever, he was puuuuurrrrfect! And the snickerdoodles recipe I'd be curious to see if it is the same as the one I use.

Deana said...

Im making no less than 50 dozen cookies in the next 5 days (including today). I hear ya.

Send me some almond cookies, Ill send you a variety of what I'm baking!