Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eight egg whites.

That's how many I trashed today, making coconut macaroons that wound up in the trash. We're having freak weather here - humidity and in the seventies - and I think that's what went wrong. They're meringue based, and everyone knows meringues go funky in hot or humid weather. Which is why I was a moron to try to make them.

I mention this to make anyone feeling like a slacker, feel better.

I dyed the batik twice; the first time wasn't dark enough. The second time isn't dark enough either but I'm out of dye and the washing machine made the water too hot and started melting the wax, so it is officially done.

After the macaroon fiasco, I decided the baking was done, too.

So that leaves me with half a sweater (got the cuff started; that's the only thing today I didn't fuck up, knock on wood), the packing, and the mailing to do.


Because we leave Saturday morning.

I think I'm going to go to bed now, and pretend today was all just a horrible dream.


Anonymous said...

thanks for letting us know you are going (and when will you get back?)

I always worry when you don't post for days that something bad has happened.

Have a great Xmas and I hope that the Goob gets everything she wants! That is easy for me to say because I don't have to be concerned with the consequences.


ironically when you spell check Goob it changes to Good.

Terby said...

I frequently pretend it's all a bad dream. Surprisingly, that seems to work out pretty well for me.

Donna Lee said...

I love macaroons and make them with the leftover egg whites from when I make babka which uses egg yolks. They're not quite as touchy as meringues with the humidity.

Anonymous said...

The holiday crunch is always a pain in the ass. I have had holidays staying up into the wee hours baking. This though might distract and interest you. I couldnt find your email to send it to you directly. You may disagree with the findings but it's interesting none the less

Cindy said...

(Laughing to myself) You tried to make meringue in South Carolina. You silly girl!

Anonymous said...

I got a break on the holiday crafting rush - snow day for the last day before break, so I have extra time to finish the small knit gifts for the secretary and office para who do so much (I can now give the ones I was going to give them to the nephew's girlfriend and one of the nieces, and not have to rush so much before Thursday!)

Of course, that's after I finish shoveling 10" of snow out of my driveway! Back to it!

Amy Lane said...

And wasn't it sweet of you to trash all those cookies just to make us feel better... I can not thank you enough!!! j

YOu'll get it done--even if it's after Christmas. For now, gooddess-speed, and happy holidays:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, you are certainly having the traditional Christmas. Wouldn't be truly Christmas without catastrophes. I used to say it isn't Christmas unless I'm sobbing with fatigue as I wrap at 2 a.m. Christmas morning.

It will all turn out well. I promise. Have a wonderful time. The Goober will enjoy every second, and you'll enjoy watching her!

Alwen said...

I don't know if the next round of storms is supposed to go that far south, but we are looking at another snowstorm overnight with temps in the teens F. and windchills below zero. I hope you packed the Goob's snowsuit!