Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome Knitty readers!

Glad you liked my article enough to click on over here and check things out. I am in the midst of holiday insanity, baking and knitting like a fiend. Explore the sidebar a bit; there's some good stuff there. Dyers should enjoy the 'Color' section.

Apparently the link to my Etsy shop is broken. It can be found here, or you can just do a search on Etsy for "SamuraiKnitter" and it will pop up. There is wool roving in stock, including my fave, Purple Trainwreck colorway. There is also a button in my sidebar, just below my profile. (And below that is a button to my Ravelry page, if you're intersted. I'm also SamuraiKnitter there.)

The sweater I'm knitting is 'due' December 20th; so far I've got the body done to the arm pits and half a sleeve. It will probably get entertaining around here as I lose my mind.

Regular readers, howdy, and if you're wondering where my article is, it can be found here.


Regenia said...

Darn... I was trying to not find out about new Knitty until after I've survived my final exam and here you beat Knitty reader to the announcement... Must stay focused!

Anonymous said...

The link at the end of the article to your Etsy shop doesn't work.

I really liked the author picture. Then I looked at it again and really LOL.

One really old comment. I scored really poorly on the color test. I just got a cataract removed yesterday and WOW what a diference. I can SEE again. I didn't realize how bad it was.


Mandy said...

Thanks for the article, Julie! I love dying with food color! I'll have to try your baking dish method, though - I usually wrap it in saran and steam it, which makes one heck of a mess if the plastic wrap leaks.

I particularly liked the info on dyeing silk hankies, because I have contemplated that but not yet taken the plunge - now I'm glad I waited! Love the blue/purple roving, btw.

Amy Lane said...

Squeeeee!!! Can't wait to check it out! (And yeah... I was going to save Knitty until after finals... ah, well...)

Amy Lane said...

And I'm with you--Pierce Brosnan was sooooo the best Bond! (Although Daniel Craig is moving up!)

I like that bear's hat! *snark*

Louiz said...

Nice article, might have to try doing more dyeing over Christmas.

I too like the bear's hat...