Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bullet point post!

From the madhouse - six adults and two three-year-olds all in one house for the next few days. I think if everyone ELSE would leave the eight of us alone, it'd be a grand holiday.

-Considering any old yahoo can get born into the family, it's probably good that we like about 75% of them, right? Right?

-No, I'm not discussing the other 25%. Except to say yeeeeeesh.

-Gave my mother-in-law her shawl early, because she made pies from scratch and was wearing a shirt that matched it, and, well, just because. She loves it. There was much oohing and ahing because she knits too, so understood the insanity involved. She especially liked the beads.

-The Goob is aquiring all kinds of annoying behaviors from her cousins, including a screech that could shatter glass. (We spent Sunday at a family get-together that was attended by 17 kids under the age of 15.)

-Two years ago, in this house, the Goob fell and had a black eye just in time for all the holiday photos. Guess what happened again this morning?

-I miss my cat. (She got left in Charleston with auto-food because she's a bitch to everyone but me.)

-So far I've unloaded about half the cookies, and only eaten maybe a dozen toffee chip shortbread. That's almost good.

-Is it wrong to sincerely LIKE some of the long-term neighbors more than the long-term family?
-Almost done with the second sleeve on my father-in-law's sweater and it MIGHT get done before we leave Saturday. (This is a seamless deal, so after the second sleeve, I still join it all up at the yoke and have to knit up the shoulders.)

-That other 25%. Yeeeesh.

-Gave The Cousin the second of the two felted crowns I knit for the "Crowned" pattern. (Link in the sidebar.) Last I looked he was still wearing it.

-For those who thought I was down near Cinci, no, I'm about 45 minutes south of Cleveland. It's 15 F here right now. (Uh... -10 C, about.) Did I mention extreme cold gives me migraines? Of course it does. Lucky me.

-I'm babbling. This isn't drugs. This is mild to moderate insanity. Okay, okay, extreme.

-With luck, some photos tonight. We got my computer hooked to the internet.

-Gotta go visit with some of the 25%. Yeeeesh.


Bells said...

Sounds like a hoot.

I love the idea that people have long term neighbours. We never lived anywhere long enough to know them, much less like them. Ok, maybe we did but it wasn't more than a few years at a time.

Merry Christmas to you all! We're cold here today too, but not THAT cold!

Amy Lane said...

Yeeesh! (I have those relatives!) And I've visited those long-term neighbors!

Keep sane... look at that shawl and oooh and ahhh... and I'm sorry 'bout the Goober's black eye. Kids do that all the time, but still... nothing like a kid w/a Frankenstein scar to instill parental guilt forever...

(Sekhmet would kill you all in your sleep...it's a good thing she's home w/autofood!)

Sarah said...

Yeah. The 25%. I've got those too and unfortunately, we are spending Christmas with approximately 75% of the 25%. I may die. And, there will be no alcohol. I will die. Yeesh, indeed. Good luck with your 25%. Just remember, they live very, very far away from you (that's what gets me through).

Ann said...

I made some of your toffee chip shortbread cookies a little while ago, and after the family sampled them, I had to get another (double) batch underway, pronto! Thanks for sharing the recipe; they're excellent.

Re. the cold, I feel your pain; I drove from Kentucky to Wisconsin for Christmas. Wisconsin seems determined to bury me in the snow, and Monday's high was 3. As in 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Eesh.

And I feel that black eyes only enhance holiday photos. Who wants pictures that make their children look like little angels, when we all know what hellions they really are?

Have a merry!

Donna Lee said...

I haven't visited with the 25% in years. They've been happy years. I hope the visit goes well. We tend to adopt people into our family fairly easily. They just have to pass the insanity test and tell my husband who Heisenberg was.

Merry Christmas!

Ashley said...

One thing that I love about visiting with the 25% is that it reminds me how much I love the other 75%.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing a photo of the mother-in-law wearing the shawl!

In my opinion, holiday insanity makes for the best stories, years later (like the Christmas my husband had to go the emergency room for stitches in his face after breaking up a dog fight. After the Thanksgiving my mother got bit by the cat that lived in her garage, so we had to capture it and take it to the vet's on our way out of town so they could test it for rabies. DH got bit then too. Good times!)

Alwen said...

So here it's a lovely 35 F and raining, and I spent a good part of the day raking 10-14 inches of wind-packed, rain-sodden snow off the roof. Yeesh.

Now I think I'll go make some apple dumplings.

Unknown said...

Yah know, I may be in that 25% for my family. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it to avoid tha mandatory seasonal madness.

Major bummer about the migraines. And good luck on the drive home.

Anonymous said...

-The Goob is aquiring all kinds of annoying behaviors from her cousins, including a screech that could shatter glass. (We spent Sunday at a family get-together that was attended by 17 kids under the age of 15.)


This is why duct tape was invented.

Sounds like youre having a reasonably good time- too bad Sekhmet the Fucker couldnt go- but you wouldn't want STF runnin' with them Ohio cats anyhow. He'd just pick up a bunch of really bad habits and.. well.. maybe a Browns addiction. That would be horrible.