Saturday, December 06, 2008


-I put the shawl to soak this morning. First, I rinsed out the dye bucket because I last used it to dye cotton and I was worried about soda ash, which is used as a fixative with those dyes (and is caustic, so can't be good for wool). I put in about six inches of water, swished, and poured out BRIGHT LEMON YELLOW water. Apparently there was still dye in there. Oh my gods, if I'd accidentally dyed that shawl lemon yellow, I'd have to kill myself. Anyway, I scrubbed out the bucket and it's soaking now.

-I've got one of those rubber flooring deals that goes together like puzzle pieces, and covers about forty square feet. I'm hoping that's big enough to block this shawl on. It won't get THAT much larger than the shawl already is, because unlike when I work with plant fibers, I won't stretch it out until it's tight as a drum head. (A lesson learned the hard way with the Popped Stitch of 2006.)

-Was just discussing the morality of government with someone who doesn't read this blog. He called me a post-modern anarchist in denial. He's probably still wondering why I found that so hilarious. And agreed with him.

-I just changed my blog header... anyone know how to make the damn thing fit across the entire column instead of hanging there like a misfit?


Anonymous said...

Nice save.


LOL my spam word is litin. I think that is when you and your friends come over to drink and knit. (get lit)

amy said...

You need to size it to fit. Play around with it a little bit. I forgot how I originally figured out what size I needed. When I changed it a little the other day I just sized it like the old one. Knew I saved that for a reason...

Puck said...

Well, what size screen do you want to fit? On my monitor, when I have Firefox full screened, it does look very small, but I've got a 19" widescreen.

But blogger auto adjusts to other screen sizes. Damn thing.

NeedleTart said...

Don't know how to change the size, but I was immediately impressed with the design. "Ohh, that looks like The Shawl. And those are Julie's flowers. Wow! am I impressed that she knew how to make up her own heading. Wish I could do that....." and further Joycean ramblings.
Good work!
Validation? irubp Let's not go there....

Alwen said...

Yellow! Yikes!

I just saw those rubber flooring squares for sale - I may need some for a Christmast present. I can't wait to see it dyed and blocked.

(verification word, bracet, bracelet as pronounced by a child just past the toddler stage)

Anonymous said...

Anti spam word, thipp.
Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs.


Louiz said...

Don't know how to re-size the image, but it's a really nice one.

Verification word: subtolta. Obviously this post has an interesting selection!

Anonymous said...

You can probably change the orientation of the picture if you dig around in the html. you html minded? I'd look for the title of the image in your html for that section of the blog and I'd guess it's oriented left and you want it oriented center. (Now keep in mind I know just enough about html to drive my husband nuts, which means not much.)

Other than that, change your theme.

Love the shawl! And hi. Love your blog. Love the goob pictures. Love the cat pictures!

verification was caliti

and thankfully I copied my comment before the openID option of commenting ATE IT!

ofiasstuff on wordpress

Anonymous said...

Oh cool, my spam word is "reate"!
Can you please show us how you are dying this project? I have considered dying finished projects before but never took the plunge. Thanks!

Leonie said...

If I click on the edit header bit in Blogger Edit Layout>Page Elements and go to change the picture there is a little note in italics saying images will be shrunk to 660pixels wide, my boys blog says 600pixels wide, so this may be different depending on the layout you have chosen but may give you a guide at least.