Tuesday, December 02, 2008


It is almost a good day. (Although the Goob just peed on the floor. Hence the 'almost'.)

I am halfway through round 204. There is one 'action round' left on the giant shawl. And some beads. Then I dye it and block it. (Didn't I mention I'm dyeing it light blue?)

My Knitty article will be coming out in the next couple days (regular readers, brace for inundation.)

I will get paid for the article.

And I just posted some flowers and wool to the shop.

I almost hope no one buys the Purple Trainwreck wool so I can keep it and spin it myself. Though I've got the lovely wool here that Bells sent me... I might skip my idea to dye it peach, and go with Purple Trainwreck instead.


Cara said...

Fun colors--that Purple Trainwreck does look fun to spin!
Congratulations on the Knitty article. I think that's awesome.

Amy Lane said...

But I LIKE peach!

Puck said...

I almost want to knit and felt my first ever handbag just so I can buy one of your lovely flowers to pin on it.

I might have to do that.

All very lovely!