Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still alive and out of jail.

Arrived safely in Ohio last night, after thirteen hours on the road with a three year old who hadn't napped and had been up since five AM. The husbeast played Norwegian death metal on the trip and then when I'd snarl at him he'd tell me I needed to chill out. (I swear I'm driving home and playing Brahms the whole way, if I have to buy the damn Brahms CD.)

We're staying with the in-laws, who redid their basement recently, so we're in the lap of luxury. My mother-in-law got a hot water kettle just for me (I'm the only one in the family who drinks tea instead of coffee); see why she gets hand-knits? We just had cookies for breakfast, and I got some from-scratch cinnamon rolls made Friday, for the family get together coming up today. (Cinnamon rolls twirl clockwise; nutmeg rolls twirl counter-clockwise.)

For the Aussies: Since my sister-in-law is on a diet, I'm just handing out the chocolates I'd originally bought for her goodie bag. (She's still getting earrings and coffee and like that, but it seems rude to hand a bag of six thousand calories to someone trying to lose weight.) The Arnott's Biscuits are probably going with us to a family get-together this morning. That way I can hook a few more people on Tim-Tams. I will, as always, explain The Suck. (They will look at me like I'm insane, but that's nothing new.) Doing what I can to spread the joy of Austalian culture around the world. (No, I'm not giving out my Bendigo. Are you INSANE?)

Otherwise, not much. I've been asleep almost since we got here. The Goober goes to the Christmas tree - with presents under it - every five minutes and says "Let's open presents!" We explain no, she walks away, and five minutes later, "Let's open presents!"

I don't think she's gonna make it to Wednesday. I'm going to start pushing for present opening on Christmas eve, or as soon as the brother-in-law, sis-in-law, and The Cousin get here. I'm betting The Cousin will want to open presents too; he's only three months older than the Goob.

Further posts as events warrant. Hope everyone is having a nice pre-holiday weekend that isn't too insane.


Donna Lee said...

It's lucky you arrived alive. My daughter's boyfriend loves that music. Me? Not so much. This is one of the toughest times of year for little kids. Good luck on keeping the presents safe until the 25th.

Alwen said...

So here's my kid, listening to everything from Toby Twining to Uakti to Gregorian chants to Butch Thompson in the car with me, and Metallica with his dad.

I wonder what he's going to like?

Verification is plessee: "Pressies? Ooo, for me?"

David said...
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David said...

When I was a kid one of my parents made the mistake of showing Prince (our Pomeranian) that he had presents wrapped under the Christmas Tree and if you pushed on them they squeeked. Prince quickly messed with all of the presents and found his and ripped them open to play with his dog toys. Here's the problem. Prince was a very smart little dog so everytime he saw a Christmas Tree in our house, at an in-laws house, anyone's house at all, he would run to the Christmas Tree jump on all the presents and if they made ANY noise rip open the prettily wrapped packages and tear our someone else's Christmas present. Those were good times...

MLJ1954 said...

Went on vacation from Cleveland to South Carolina once with my then 18 month old son. Fourteen hours each way, no nap, either way. However, he is so freaking distracted, that he has no sense of time . . . just keep distracting him every five minutes.

Hope you have a wonderful time and that Columbus is not nearly as cold as Cleveland (it is 7).

Amy Lane said...

Cave Troll and Ladybug are driving me INSANE! And Ladybug CRIES when we tell her we can't open presents until Christmas Eve. I'm seriously thinking of throwing her a bone... a 'pre Christmas Eve' present--I had a friend who did that once with her three year old...said he played with that lego set for EVER before Christmas, and that's the only way she made it...alive and out of jail:-)

TinkingBell said...

Have a wonderful Christmas - I'm amazed your husbeast remained alive after the Norwegian Death Metal - he would be dead and I would be driving if a similar scenario occurred in our family - no jury would convict me!

My kids have been pretty good - but then, we haven't tempted fat (or the Destructoboy) by putting out their presents yet!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Mandy said...

This is why having the family Chanukah party the weekend before Christmas works out so well - my son cleaned up on Sunday, and he is happily playing with his Bakugan toys and not worrying what else he might get from my sister tomorrow night or from Santa on Thursday.

He did enjoy a break to help me decorate the tree yesterday before we lit candles.

(think he'll be confused much? I don't - he's smart boy, and appreciates the spirit of the season regardless of what package it comes wrapped in)