Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Topic jumble.

I am halfway through the last round of the shawl and at the least will begin casting off today. Yay!

Thanks to everyone for the advice, yesterday. The Goob DOES have her own supplies, and they are entirely Crayola - Crayola is all washable and non-toxic. It's who they are. (The husbeast was wiping marker off the Goob's hands the other night and said "I love Crayola.") In and of itself, we aren't having a problem, really. I just want to keep it that way. So I'm sticking with calm explanation AND picking my battles. The new, solid rule is, no opening markers. Mum or Dad have to. Honestly I'd have made the rule sooner but I didn't realize she COULD open the darn things.

The few potentially damaging supplies we have in the house - glue, permanent markers, and scissors - are kept out of her reach, and she has never gotten into them. I've also got my own supplies - many of them Crayola - which I'm more casual about, but she is being introduced to the idea of 'not yours'. Which, in my opinion, too many children don't have hammered into them hard enough.

Back in my twenties, I did child care for two of my nephews; when I started they were ages two and two months. At the time it was pretty rough, but I owe the guys for teaching me a lot of useful stuff for when it came my time to have a kid. I've always been as straightforward, honest, and consistent with the Goober as possible. By this age, she knows if I say something, it will happen, whether it's "You can have chocolate after dinner." or "Put your hand through that screen and you're in big trouble." Which lessens the effort greatly.

But I suspect you guys all know this. But anyway. Thanks for the help.

Because I'm officially sick and tired of anonymous hostility, I will be shutting down the comments on all the Vogue Knitting reviews. I will put my e-mail address on all of the posts so anyone who likes can still e-mail me about them. This means you. All comments welcome. It will just force the anonymous hostiles to re-evaluate their pissy little attitudes. Standard procedure from now on, I think, will be to leave comments open for a month, and then shut them off. The jackasses seem to come out of the woodwork later.

Oh, and the great Thanksgiving discovery. This one's a hoot. The night before Thanksgiving, I was thinking of gravy, and how I wind up refilling the gravy boat twenty times (all that dressing) and it gets cold too fast. And the thought process went something like "What I need is a really big gravy boat, with a lid... wait. I have one of those. I call it a teapot." So that's what I did. Put the gravy in one of my teapots. No getting up for refills, it stayed nice and toasty warm, and when the meal was over, we just put it in the fridge and nuked it later for leftovers. Something you guys might want to try, yourselves. Sure, you'll look eccentric, but aren't we all? Already?

Oh, and the Goob found a way to wear her drum, other than on her head.

Pretty sure she prefers the 'space helmet' option, though.


Amy Lane said...

Well, space helmet, drum, whatever! And I love the teapot idea... but you know, the next step is making a gravy cozy:-0

As for the anonymous hostiles? pppllllbbbbtttt... name-up or shut-up. If the work means that much to them, they will stand by it.

Jen Anderson said...

The teapot idea is genius. I usually have gravy-related meals at my Aunt Bea's house and gravy boat refills are frequent. Next time, I'm either going to bring my own teapot or get her one as a hostess gift.

Alwen said...

What a great solution!

Well. If I ever actually made gravy!

Louiz said...

And don't forget, you could make a tea cosy to keep the gravy warm!

And annonymous comments? I see that as the wimpy cowardly way to be harassing someone. And also immature and childish too.