Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting there.

Finished round one of the batik this morning; I need to do a quick run across the back side of the fabric to wax some odd spots, but for the most part all it needs is a dip in a dye pot, iron, wash, and dry, and I'm done. That's possible by Friday night.

Friday night is the deadline because we leave for Ohio at about four AM on Saturday morning.

I'm casting on for my father-in-law's second sleeve today, and hope to have it done by the time we head out on Saturday morning. With major luck I can knit the yoke on the twelve hour drive to Ohio; barring that, I'll definitely get it done by the time we LEAVE Ohio, so even if it's a little late, it doesn't really count. (If it's done by the end of the Christmas visit, I say, close enough. It's that making them wait until February thing that's the pits.)

Yesterday I baked twelve dozen cookies, and enjoyed 90% of the process, so that's pretty good. I've got lemon truffle filling in the fridge, waiting to be blatted through a pastry bag into individual servings, and dipped into white chocolate coating. The one fancy thing I'm making this year. I got the Snickerdoodles done, and will be posting the recipe for that, hopefully today. (I'm doing it on a separate post so it's easier to perma-link to in the sidebar.)

Oh, and I got the two gifts from hell wrapped last night - the really big ones that HAD to be wrapped because they were going to the Goober and the Cousin, and children under ten NEED to shred up paper at Christmas. Everything else is getting dumped into a gift bag.

All that said, I'm trying to figure out why I feel like I'm running in place. Last night, I was laying in bed, pissed because I didn't get that second sleeve cast on, telling myself "You baked twelve dozen cookies and wrapped those two huge presents today, dumbass." The human brain is a strange, emotional, and largely stupid thing.

Tomorrow I'm prepping anything I want to mail to anyone for the holiday, which will then go out Friday. (Post Office, at the holidays, with the Goober. Nothing but good times ahead.) I'm hopefully making a double batch of coconut macaroons, a double batch of cinnamon rolls, and pre-measuring my semi-famous homemade yeast rolls, so I can make them in Ohio for Christmas dinner.

Today is for crafting, Thursday for more baking, Friday for packing. I really hate holiday travel. Why can't everyone come to me? We need a holiday tradition where everyone I freaking know comes to my house for cookies at Christmas. That would solve everything.

Anyway. All this babbling likely brought to you by the glory of my new medication, which is making me feel like I'm moving through molasses, but it can't be true, looking at what I'm getting done. Weird.

Oh, and I tried to get the Goober to sing her holiday song. No luck. I MIGHT get her to join me in our rap version of Twinkle Twinkle. If I do, I'll try to post it. (Google is really weird with videos lately.) We're also trying to get her to yell "THANK YOU, GOOD NIGHT!" at the end of songs we video tape, like she's doing a rock concert. And she STILL won't sing Dean Martin with me. Bah.

I think this concludes today's babbling. Maybe. Except for the Snickerdoodle thing. Shutting up now, aye!


historicstitcher said...

I hate holiday travel, too. Which is why I invented the Christmas Eve Brunch almost ten years ago. All my friends from college and such come over for brunch, bring a dish to pass, and we hang out. It usually works well, though I'm not so sure it's happening this year, as folks are delaying their return to the state until New Year's this year. Bah. Might as well go to work!

Amy Lane said...

*The human brain is a strange, emotional, and largely stupid thing.*

Amen--you're rocking out loud, Julie...meds or not, you deserve a breather:-)

Mandy said...

I wish I could knit in the car! I get carsick if I try to focus too long on anything inside the vehicle. All that time wasted!

We used to be the ones to go to my mom and my sisters, because they were the ones with little kids. Now, I have the little kid, my mom lives in Colorado (I'm in Michigan, and I'm NOT flying at Christmas), and the nieces and nephew left here are in college or older, so they can come to me. I'll feed them then send them back home. Yay!

(Husband is Jewish and his whole family lives within a 45 minute drive, so we all meet at his mom's for latkes and gifts. Works out great, and my son gets double holidays.)

Roxie said...

Every time I see people taking kids on the plane, my heart bleeds for them. And I pray they won't be near me. Why not get together with family in the summer when flights don't get delayed by snow, and stay cozy, safe and happy at home for Christmas? Give the grandparents a call on the big day, and stay in your jammies all week.

Love your drug-incuced ramblings.