Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Would you look at that.

That's the "Celtic Lattice" vest from "Folk Vests" by Cheryl Oberle. The large pattern of loops is chart number 97 from "Celtic Charted Designs" by Co Spinhoven. And the little ribbony pattern is an un-numbered border from plate number 29. Both are identical; I counted stitches.

Somehow I'm not quite as outraged by this, because to my knowledge, Cheryl Oberle has never sued anyone over copyright issues.

I also know that Meg Swansen has used some of these patterns in sweaters, but considering how good-humored Schoolhouse Press is about everyone in the universe using the Percentage System with never a peep about copyrights, I say she can use anything she wants.

Still, I'm amazed at all the places this book's charts are turning up. There's one other one in the book that I KNOW I've seen somewhere before. I'll figure it out. (Have I mentioned I have a strange visual memory, not quite photographic? It works with color, too.)

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