Monday, November 27, 2006

A plethora of finished stuff.

Today was a wild day of casting off, grafting, blocking, and baby wrangling (she's got molars coming in).

First, the Knucks. (Knuck knuck knuck.)

They are knit with Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold, color number ten, which I'm gonna call denim blue. There is 190 yards in a ball, and I used one ball with that much left over (and I knit the cuffs extra-long to keep my wrists warm). If you're looking for a one-skein knit, these are your deal. And I started them, what, a week ago? They don't take long and the construction is kind of fun. I've got a few ends left to darn in, but otherwise, they're good to go.

The baby thinks they're freaky, but she better get used to them 'cause I plan to wear them all winter.


All I had to do was graft the arm pits, trim off a buncha yarn ends, and block it:

I'll take better pictures of it once it's dry, and post a pattern soon, but there you go. Photographic evidence that it's done. By the end of November.

Now all I have left on the needles is that one fucking scarf. Uf.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Yup. That's a plethora, all righty! Nice work. Gotta love a productive day.

Now if the baby could just call those molars an FO...