Sunday, November 26, 2006

A question.

My lace-blocking client and I are having a disagreement about compensation for blocking a lace scarf for her. (Process described in detail, here.) She's trying to overpay me, so don't take her to task over it.

So. What do YOU think is a fair trade, in either cash or yarn, for blocking a lace scarf?

(Hah. Try and overpay ME.)

Here's the baby, doing Transcendental Meditation in her toys. I don't have the heart to tell her that the secret to enlightenment is YARN. Ohhhhmmmm.


Sheepish Annie said...

I know from happy experience that April is good with the prezzies! If you choose to trade, I'm sure you will be pleased.

Those of us who do not block are quite willing to pay for the service. Trust me on this one. What is simple for some is pure torture to another....

Bells said...

I'd settle for a skein or two of something really nice she has in her stash that she doesn't want or need....tough call perhaps?

Go the meditating baby!!!

Amy Lane said...

(in case this didn't post the last time I tried...*&^*ing blogger...) Have her give you some spiffy yarn that you wouldn't think of getting yourself...sort of just like bells said, because bells is beyond wise:-)

Bells said...

why thank you Amy. I'm touched. :-)

Pearls Mother said...

April is great with the prezzies,
go for yarn,
perhaps, something fabulous from
April's fave enabler Dave from Cabin Cove.

Or would your daughter like a pet goat?
You could ask for Stanton or Leland!

April said...

We're not having a disagreement.

Disagreeing implies that two people are having a discussion. There is no discussion.

Remember these words when The Baby becomes a teenager.

And Lindy, stop trying to give away my goats. :)

Julie said...

I don't need a goat. I've got the husbeast.

The Skirt said...

Hey, I'd be willing to give all kinds of extravagant things to get out of blocking, so I'm on April's side.

If the exchange seems too extravagant from her end, then you can just do her next blocking project for free?

Julie said...

Oh yeah, like she'd let me block something for FREE. I'm willing to do THIS one for free because I think she already overpaid me on the LAST scarf. :)

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had these problems?