Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And happiness for all.

The baby didn't want to nap this afternoon. She passed the time by jumping up and down in her crib and singing to herself. When I finally went in to spring her, she was so damn happy I just had to snap photos and share. Everyone should have this staring them in the face once or twice a day. Better than Prozac or shoe shopping.

The one in the middle is of her clapping her hands with joy. Pat pat pat.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday a bit belatedly!

don't be too eager for the munchkin to walk. after walking comes running away from mommy and climbing to impossible heights.

and after that come sleepovers and summer camp and dating and turning you into a grandmother!

a. nonnie mouse

Bells said...

of course you had to share! You can't keep joy like that from us!!

I'm not even there with her and I feel like I had a shot of prozac!

April said...

She's thinking, "I can't wait to start knitting - I'm going to have the most awesome teacher!"

debsnm said...

She's way too cute! Love the drool!

Amy Lane said...

THis is the age where you'll be driving down the road, and suddenly they'll just start laughing for no reason at all. Kewyn sang himself a little nonsense song all the way home from work yesterday... children are good things. (and yours is so cute!)

Terby said...

What a cutie! I like that age a lot. Too small to talk back, big enough to be interactive.