Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Husbeast Gansey.

Bells asked how it was coming.

Slowly. Mostly 'cause I'm a lazyass:

That's sleeve one, almost done. I wanted to get a shot of the first sleeve and the body on the needle together, but I've given up on that for today. Maybe late tonight I'll manage it, but most likely tomorrow.

Here's a closeup of the twisted-stitch pattern. I have to hold the fabric flat right now, but once it's washed it'll relax and flatten out. The gauge swatch expaneded by two inches on washing, remember.

The twisted stitch panel will continue up over the shoulder, along the shoulder strap, and all the way to the neck bindoff. I think it'll look cool, but in progress it interrupts the zen-like rib knitting. (I dislike 'lice' on Norgis for the same reason.)

April asked if the baby claps all the time. Pretty much. She claps when she's happy, and that's a lot of the time. Though I taught her to saw 'rawr' for Halloween, and that's her new favorite, to crawl around trying to be scary and saying 'rawr' over and over. Today my face hurts from laughing at her. She's been hilarious.


Bells said...

that twisted stitch is cool.

Will he pose for us when it's done?

Alwen said...

Kids are great! Especially your own kid. Wait'll she starts to talk, that's even more fun. :)

Amy Lane said...

Babies and cats...they go together sort of like peanut butter and macaroni and cheese... at least from the cat's point of view... (I personally think it's peanut butter and chocolate, but I'm not nearly as nice to my cat as you are;-)

April said...

I *love* that twisted stitch, I need a scarf with that running up the center. Hmmm ...