Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm in trouble.

I yarn shopped today. On line. Where it's all a swirl of numbers and "I want that" and it doesn't feel like you're really spending money because you're sitting at your desk in your pajamas and nothing actually changes hands. I spent about $130. Right before the holidays. With the in-laws due in less than a week.

The husbeast may swoon. (Particularly after I hit the book store here in town this afternoon and pick up some novels I've been wanting since October.)

Some of it was planned. I had a little leftover on my gift certificate at Elann, so I bopped over there and got a shade card for their Highland wool (since I love it and will be using it more in the future). Another shade card means I need another binder, 'cause this one will explode if I try to put one more in there... And I got some sock-weight superwash yarn with the idea of dyeing it and knitting myself some socks. 'Cause I don't have enough projects going on around here. (My mother-in-law's a knitter and might get a kick out of food coloring and crockpot yarn dyeing. I plan to do it while they're here. 'Cause the kitchen won't be messed up enough, cooking Thanksgiving dinner and all.)

Then I went over to Webs and ordered the lopi light I need for the jacket steek-along. I was gonna knit it out of something I had laying around, but after a year of knitting for others, damn it, I want to make it out of the yarn I want, in the colors I want, so I bought it. Damn it. (Colors #419 Ocean and #438 Lt Fuschia, visible here.) I found myself crusing weight-lace yarns, going 'oooh, shawls', but I came to my senses and did NOT order anything else. (I never wear shawls, and next year's state fair entry will be knit on 0000's with #70 tatting cotton.) So I sorta behaved and only got what I needed (NEEDED), but the total's still a little painful.

And then I sorta lost my head. I was going to order from Amazon, but lately they've really been pissing me off, so I went to Schoolhouse Press to get a book for a Christmas present. (I SWEAR. I want to give my mother-in-law a copy of "Poems of Color" to go with her Blue Shimmer. She knits. She'll get it. She'll LIKE it.) Of course Schoolhouse Press has so many OTHER cool books... I found myself buying books on lace, celtic motifs, and Turkish sock patterns before I knew what hit me. (The Turkish sock book was going out of print! I had to get it! I actually knit things withTurkish sock patterns. Really. Look at the brown and red jacket if you don't believe me.)

No Christmas presents for me.

And now I need to go figure out what we're eating for Thanksgiving. I fear it may be peanut butter sandwiches. (For the first time in fifteen years the husbeast has admitted that ham might be getting a little old, so we're discussing doing prime rib; but it may wind up being plain old turkey after the book spree.)


debsnm said...

I recently had a stroke of genius! Mom's coming for Thanksgiving (she won't stay in a hotel, so I still have to clean, dang it!) BUT! I asked her how set she was on a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner and she said she wasn't and so we're going out to eat! YAY!!! No cooking for me!!! YAY!!! OK, I'm going to cook a turkey, cause I like turkey sandwiches, but that's the easy part. I'm so clever!

Bells said...

That should all keep you going for, what, about two weeks? LOL!

As long as we get great photos of turkish socks in progress, then it's all completely understandable, all that impulse buying. Just tell the husbeast, 'my readers need me to provide interesting stuff. It's for the BLOG!!!'

Do you think he'll buy it?

April said...

Thank you for reminding me I need to send you a scarf to block. :)

Where. Is. The. Baby?

Amy Lane said...

oh gods...Thanksgiving isn't coming until we get that Monday out of school...I will not think about the ho use, will not think about (ugh!) cooking, will not think about (double ugh) my traditional shopping trip w/my buddy the morning after Thanksgiving when we're both high on four days off... go anything you need, THANKSGIVING IS FOREVER AWAY AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME THINK ANY DIFFERENTLY...( you just type in WEBS to get to that yarn site or what?)

Julie said...

Go to

Gotta love a store with such a web site name, huh?

Laural said...

I borrowed Poems of Color from the library and I LOVE the historical information in it!

Rae said...

I do that all the time - buy something and say, "Oh, that's my Christmas present."

Then, 3 weeks later, I do it again.

Then, around Christmas time, I usually do it again. ;)

You've gotta have some fun being an adult. I pined away over it the entire time I was a kid. Gotta make it worth it.