Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ah, fall on the coast.

It's colder than a polar bear fuck, I tell you.

How can I tell? The big indicator that cold weather is upon us is the cat. She's better than Weatherbug:

On cool days, our poor Hawaiian kitty crawls under a blanket and only comes out for meals. She alternates between the bed, my office futon, and her very own sleeping bag on the floor, shifting around as I move through the house. Her very favorite thing is to crawl under covers WITH me and sleep curled against my chest. Many nights I've come close to heat stroke with that furry little heater purring away.

Seriously, though, it's only about 65 degrees, but it's 93% humidity and raining, so everything feels cold and clammy and every bone in my body aches, particularly the ones I've broken before.

Anyway. Knitting content. I got my copy of "The Opinionated Knitter" (by Elizabeth Zimmerman) yesterday. It was my birthday present from April. April has exquisite taste in books (and goats), and it was exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

I'm looking into knitting The Baby one of EZ's Baby Surprise jackets with leftover lopi from the brown and red jacket. She needs something warm for winter, and the yarn's sitting there and it's a fast, interesting knit. This would fall under Me Knitting for the year of me... it doesn't have to be FOR me (though that helps), it has to be something I've always wanted to knit. And I do wanna try one of these. We'll see.

I would have had the sleeve of the Husbeast Gansey done yesterday but I crapped out and went to bed early. I did, however, get five repeats of the Damn Scarf done, so that counts for something.

The Baby decided, this morning, to push every button on the front of the television. Now I can't get the picture to come in and all we're getting is static. No cartoons for her until Dadad gets home and fixes it. (There's a lesson in there somewhere, but at one year old, I'm betting she doesn't get it.)

Gonna be a looooong day.


April said...

Colder than a polar bear fuck? HA. That *is* a classic. Ha. I'll be laughing for the rest of the day.

And as I recall, I didn't pick the book, I simply provided for it. But if I had picked a book, I doubt I could think of a better one.

Not that you're opinionated or anything like that. Nah.

Netter said...

Kids, if they're not pushing electronic buttons, they're pushing Mommy's! Yeah, that eternal lesson she's too young to get.

Bells said...

My husband says, 'how do you know how cold a polar bear fuck is Julie??'

I've gotta get me an EZ book or three. Which one should I star with? Amazon, here I come...!

debsnm said...

My dad always said colder'n a witch's tits in a brass bra - I figured that was pretty freakin cold. I have a kitty just like that, when he goes missing, you can find him hiding in a bed, under covers, usually with only his nose or a paw sticking out.
Reset button - back of tv - you'll be ever so glad you found it.

Sheepish Annie said...

65 degrees? I'd kill for 65!!! We are a bit below that here...

But what a cute kitty picture!

Amy Lane said...

It's seventy-five here--I'm deathly jealous of cold and wet. But I will carry the expression 'colder than a polar bear fuck' for a very long time:-)

Jejune said...

It's 20 something here (Celsius - what, you want me to convert?!) and we're in the midst of the worst drought in 1,000 years, according to the boffins. So damp is something we've forgotten about in this dried up brown land down under. Water Restriction Stage 2 - sigh. It's only going to get worse...

But I can relate to the cold bone aches - nasty. And been there done that with the inquisitve fingers - I hate to tell you that teenagers can still completely stuff up equipment, only much more thoroughly and with ATTITUDE. Enjoy it while you can pick her up and PUT her places ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm Geraldine, a Navy wife who lives in Hawaii and once lived in Summerville while DH was stationed at Chas. Naval Hosp.

The Navy term describing cold is 'cold enough to freeze the balls off of a brass monkey'. On sailing ships, the lead cannon balls were stored on a brass item called a monkey. During cold spells, the brass and lead contracted at different rates and the lead balls would fall off of the monkey. More info than you probably wanted to hear, but there it is.

And I love anything to do with fiber..knitting, spinning, quilting, sewing and shopping for anything related....books, supplies, fabric, rugs...you get the picture!

TrishJ said...

Uh, Julie, I hate to tell you, but your Polar Bears must be on LOST or something. This weekend at racing if it got above 35 we were lucky.

HUGS on no TV. I'm sure if Lily could express herself better she'd blame the TV on the cat.

Alwen said...

My advice? Don't come to Michigan in November! Your thin tropical blood would freeze solid. It's 48 degrees F. right now with 93% humidity. High temp. over the last 3 days has been 54 degrees, and I had to unsnap my coat when I took my walk! And the November gales have yet to hit.

I tell the house temperature by dog thermometer. If the dogs are curled up into tight "dog balls", with tail over nose, it's time to throw another piece of wood on the fire. If they are all sprawled out taking up the entire hallway, it's time to damp the stove back a little!