Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And then it rained.

It's barely above freezing here, and has been pouring rain since the storm moved in last night around ten. The broken-glass hedgehogs are back, throwing parties in my wrist. And my elbow. And my shoulders. So I'm heavily drugged and babbling. Whee.

In a fit of motivation, I finished the Husbeast Gansey today (except for the armpit grafting - that waits until I can see straight). My mother-in-law had a rough week last week and wanted to hang around today, relaxing. So we did. It was nice. She knits too (as a result of my nefarious influence).

This morning the baby helped her grandpa do his work:
Quote of the morning, "Hey, I think she deleted my hard drive."

Then the baby found the best place in the room to sit while watching cartoons; grandma's lap.

I'm not raising a dumb kid. Heh.


Bells said...

Awww....I was hoping for grandaughter/grandparent photos. Bet she's having a blast.

Sorry to hear abuot the wrist. On the upside, your posts are always that much funnier when you're drugged. ;-)

Sheepish Annie said...

Take care of that wrist! Sounds pretty painful at this point. Drugged posting, however, is always fun for your readers.

That baby looks quite pleased with herself. I suspect that Grandma and Grandpa are pretty much putty in her pudgy little hands!

April said...

The Baby sure looks an awful lot like The Grandpa.

Amy Lane said...

Oh those are the best kinds of pictures--wait until she's old enough for you to show them to her...she'll be delighted! uhm...have I mentioned before that we both probably shop in the same place? I kid you not, Arwyn has that sweatshirt, and the cave troll has the "I do my own stunts" T-shirt...honestly, it makes me feel like a better class of people seeing that:-)