Monday, November 13, 2006

End of the freakin' world.

The cat likes to sleep on handknits. This is not news. She's been doing it since we first got her; I went up to my office one day and found her snuggled into the cardigan I'd thrown over the back of the futon. The husbeast has historically found this behavior amusing, and laughed at it, particularly when the cat managed to climb inside projects I was working on (the latest being the brown and red jacket; I got up one morning and found a cat bum and tail hanging out of the body and some whiskers poking out between the knitting needles). The inevitable happened again last night:

And the husbeast had a melt-down. (Well, a melt-down for him. He's a pretty mellow guy. He raised his voice a little bit.) He didn't want to grab the cat because he's learned (smart man) to be careful with knitting projects still on the needles, so after I listened to five minutes' worth of "Sekhmet! Get down!" I left my (all-important) game of Civilization and went out and rescued the cat (and the sweater, and the husbeast). He then suggested I put the sweater somewhere the cat can't get to it. I said "What, like Mars?" and he muttered under his breath.

I did almost three inches of yoke yesterday on the Husbeast Gansey, at about 330 stitches per round. At one point I went and took painkillers and went back to knitting - not something I suggest doing. So today I'm really feeling it, and I'm not sure I'll be knitting on the gansey (it's heavy). I may have to work on the scarf instead. Urgh.

Oh, and the chore of the day? Clearing out the Yarn Closet. It's also the guest-room closet and it'd be nice if my in-laws had somewhere to hang their clothes when they're here. Plus it just needs done. The cottons and wools are jumbled together. (haha) Here's hoping I survive.


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Bells said...

see it's stories like that that make me think twice about getting a cat. I really want a kitty but I can just imagine the nightmare knitting would become. I used to have a cat that had no interest in wool of any kind and for that I was grateful. But a new one...I just don't know.

Amy Lane said...

I love that discussion... the Husbeast's dilemma is totally classic!