Monday, November 20, 2006

I had a dream.

The other night... I dreamed I was spinning yarn. (Mind you, I've never spun any kind of fiber in my life, though I've watched it done and find it all very mesmerising.) In the dream I was working with a very dark teal-colored roving full of lumps, and when I spun it, it turned into light-blue two-ply sport weight.

I'm very talented.

Lately I've been having this horrible urge to branch out on the fiber arts, and am wavering between a loom or a spinning wheel for next year's mad-money tax return purchase. (It's not unusual for me to spend the tax return ten or twenty times in my head, before I actually get it in my hot little hands.) Mind you, the baby's getting more and more active, which is cutting into my knitting time more and more often, and school will rear it's ugly book-shaped head in about a year. I'd do far better to buy myself a laptop with the tax return and content myself with dying yarns. Which is probably what will happen.

There happens to be a spinning wheel in the family, living in the basement of the husbeast's parents' house. It is really really really old, and I do believe lacks any kind of flyer or head unit thingie. I haven't looked at it in a couple years, but I think it's just wheel, frame, and pedal. When I'm there in December I'm going to take another look at it and see if it's worth salvaging for use or not. Probably not, but you never know.

Otherwise, not much goes on here. I've got most of the cleaning done that I wanted to get done; everything's straight except my office, and really, I could clean at this office for weeks and not have it done, so to hell with it. (I just heard something fall over in the Yarn Closet. I'm afraid to look.) The rest of the day will be spent in more interesting pursuits - grocery shopping, yarn skeining (maybe, if I have time), baby art, and I need to bake a lemon merengue pie.

And just maybe, some knitting. You never know.


Amy Lane said...

You know...that's how i started knitting...sort of. I had a dream about crocheting...suddenly, in the dream, i figured out how that whole thing worked. I went out and bought a book and taught myself, and then I realized that a lot of the books with crocheting in them had knitting, and i hate being left out of the information loop, so i had to teach myself how to knit. It's a logical progression...find that wheel and spin... (and about the house? I should just take pictures and post them, and no one on line would ever feel bad about their houses again. Ever. Ever ever ever. YOu're good--you're funny, you think their grandaughter is the most important person in the world, and you adore their son. You're really got the imporant parts covered.)

Bells said...

and I dreamed about tatting!!!

What's the universe telling us?

You know, I barely have enough time to knit, between working, doing stuff around the house, having a life blah blah blah. I can't afford another craft. I can't.

that's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

I want pictures though of the cat and the baby trying to get their tail and fingers caught in the wheel...he he

debsnm said...

ya know . . . . I bet if you posted pictures and asked a spinner, they could tell you if it's worth fixing or not - um, Annie???? Anyone????
I have always, ALWAYS thought it would be so cool to take raw wool, make some really cool string, and use my pointy sticks to make a sweater (ok, probably socks is more realistic). That would be so totally awesome!!!!!